Yes, if I were the Easter Bunny … I would make the easter days glamorous and luxurious!

❀ with retro vintage beauty skincare by Margarita Bloom
❀ with golden ester eggs
❀ with easter decoration in fashionable pastels
❀ with beautiful cup cakes & cakes by Madame Miammiam
❀ with cute easter bottle decor
❀ with awesome easter egg vases
❀ with gorgeous pastel colored paper flower easter eggs
❀ & with the biggest luxury: A relaxing time with all our loved ones.


Pictures/Shop it: Margarita Bloom retro vintage beauty & skincare:, Madame Miammiam Cupcakes and Cakes:, Golden Easter Eggs:, Four pastel blue and yellow Easter Decoration Ideas:, Sweet Easter Bottle Decor:, Easter Egg Vase:, Paper Flower Easter Eggs:

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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