Real beauty comes from the inside.

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Born in Germany fashion, design and music have been fascinating Alessandra since being a child. Always searching for the best style ever she browsed millions of magazines.


Alessandra painting, taking pictures or decorating. Among her creative talent she’s crazy about people, communication between people and psychological relationships. So she went to university and earned her degree in communication science, marketing and psychology, the Master of Arts (M.A.).

Motion especially dancing complete the balance between body, mind and soul. Since Alessandra was a child she dancing in the living room.

She colors, action and the nature and she is happy about the variety of personalities which she meets.

Alessandras’ passion for fashion has been intensified working as a model. Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Cartier, Karl Lagerfeld, Laurèl, Ralph Lauren, René Lezard, ST.EMILE, Luisa Cerano, Wella, Windsor, Armani, Escada, Porsche, Nissan are some of the labels and clients she’s been working for. See all clients.

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Sure she is obsessed by fashion trends but she is more fashionista than fashion victim. In her opinion a victim means to be a slave of fashion. She thinks that it’s so important to have a personal style, to try different things and combinations to create something new. Even if it falls through the cracks. She really to surprise … in any way.

How it started:
Alessandra started her fashion and style blog in 2011. The feedback of her high quality public fashion audience was so awesome, positive and motivating that she decided to make it big and professional.

Alessandra and her fashion and style blog got so many great reviews by international editors, magazines, stylists, designers and illustators, such as InStyle Magazine Germany, Glamour Magazine Germany, Max Magazine Italia, Alexander Liang, Editor-in-Chief of KENTON, a leading, global online fashion and lifestyle magazine, True Religion, bebe, O’NEILL womens, Windi Washington, creator, producer and entrepreneur, Shane and Falguni Peacock, celebrity fashion designers, Vin and Omi, fashion designers, Isharya, celebrity designer costume jewelry, Jen Abrams, brand consultant and celebrity fashion stylist, Thitia Official, TV Host STYLEAMERICAN, Film expert, Lifestyle enthusiast, Sandy Markwalder, fashion illustrator and many more. All their lovely and umpteen twitter mentions helped to make HowToBeInStyle, Alessandras’ fashion and style blog so famous and popular.

Alessandra is an autodidact. So she does everything and really everything concerning her fashion and style blog on her own. Her blog is her baby. She is owner and founder of HowToBeInStyle. She is the one and only who is responsible for content, design, logo design, editing, research, marketing and social marketing. And she loves it! A complete relaunch in 2014 and another one in 2017 assure success.

If you want to read more how it all started:

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Alessandras’ philosophy:

Do the things you with your full power and passion – then you will acquit yourself well and inspire others.

The most important thing is to be yourself no matter what you do. Pretending to be someone else or copycatting someone means loosing yourself.

Style evolves from your own authentic personality and the beauty of your soul.

Style your personality

because Real Beauty Comes From The Inside.

  • Be always yourself.
  • Think positive.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Move to keep body, mind and soul in balance.
  • Be happy about small things, the nature and your life.
  • Laugh or smile at least minimum once every single day.
  • Focus on the present.
  • Be relaxed but disciplined.
  • Be creative and intuitional.
  • Believe in dreams, then they will come true.