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My Style: Pastel Color Tiger Love

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Pastel Color Tiger Love. Yes! Spring comes! You can feel, see and smell it! Pastel colors are one must-have for spring summer 2017 season. Today I combine different aqua, light blue and mint pastel colors together. I’m wearing fresh light blue denim pants, a lucent boho blouse in off-white by Zara with a aqua colored fake-leather top with short sleeves on top of it. My cool accessories make the look! I love silver shoes! My silver colored boots by Zara are a great match with nearly every look. My jewellery are light turquoise earrings and a necklace with handmade skull pendant with pastel blue rhinestones. So cool! But the very highlight is my silk scarf with stunning tiger print and mint colored border by Hennes and Mauritz premium collection. The best is: Hennes and Mauritz loves my style and kind of matching everything together! 🙂 Wishing you a lovely day!

My Style: Lace and Lace-Up

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lace and Lace-Up. Today is another day for modeling. So I wanna look cool and comfy. I’m completely dressed in black and pastel pink. My black ripped highwaist denim pants and my pastel pink anorak by Zara are a trendy contrast to my romantic pieces like my pastel colored lace blouse by Hennes and Mauritz with short sleeves, my cute lace-up pointed ballerina by La Strada in black and my black necklace band by Zara worn with a bow. Now I’m ready and motivated for my today’s model job! Wishing you a great weekend, lovelies!

My Style: Edgy Romance

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Edgy Romance. It’s sunday! Yeah! I love contrasts as you know. 🙂 So my today’s look combines romance with some edgy 90s punk attitude. I wear a romantic pastel colored longsleeve top with cut-out details and trendy ruffles. My antique golden fine jewellery with cross pendants and my Chanel earrings complete the romantic part of my outfit. With some fake leather biker pants and my white Dr Martens I add some 90s edgy mood. I enjoy the sun outside in the city and take many photos of awesome old german architecture and fresh spring shopwindows like this one by Valentino. Always remember: What is done in love, is done well. A wonderful sunday to you! 🙂

My Style: Lace, Gold and Black

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lace, Gold and Black. Today is another model day. I wear some black techno pants by René Lezard, a beautiful lace blouse, my beloved feather vest by Hallhuber, my golden glam boots by Mango, my Chanel earrings and a hippie choker I found online some years ago. After modeling I watch the beautiful sunset behind the winter trees and enjoy a fresh drink at home. Remember: Surround yourself with the things you love. Discard the rest. Have a wonderful evening!

Cut-Out Dress, Velvet Heels and Flowers – Me Modeling Autumn Winter 2017

Cut-Out Dress, Velvet Heels and Flowers – Me Modeling Autumn Winter 2017 for Laurèl. This is one of the dresses of the autumn winter 2017/2018 collection by Laurèl I presented yesterday. It is available from summer this year on so it looks like a summer dress. Love the cut-out details! Today I visited a gallery in the city and took very many photos. I’m so in love with this awesome flower photography and also inspired. So the picture of my today’s look with fake fur jacket, pink scarf and Valentino shades looks artsy and contains the colors of the beautiful flower photography as seen before. I really look forward for spring time. Tulips at home make me feel it doesn’t take long anymore till spring starts. Wishing you a wonderful sunny weekend, lovelies! Live for the moments you can’t put into words.

My Style: Gold Dust

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Gold Dust. Today is another model day. So it’s glam time. What else can be more perfect than gold. So today I’m dressed completely in gold, even my iphone 7 plus case by Chiara Ferragni is gold. 🙂 My metallic look makes me feel good, powerful and glamorous. Exactly the right feeling to present autumn winter 2017/2018 with lots of charisma. 🙂 I’m wearing a midi skirt with pleats, a long metallic jumper with V-neck, a retro style fake fur jacket and black biker boots all by Zara. I love my golden necklaces with antique Virgin Mary and cross pendants, because they are very old – about 50 – 70 years old and tell their own story. And only I wear this kind of jewellery, it’s unique. Wishing you a glamorous day, lovelies!

My Style: My Kind Of Sunday Glam

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: My Kind Of Sunday Glam. It’s weekend and I’ll have a walk outside. No reason not to be in style. 🙂 Today I chose a mix of luxurious Chanel retro glam with this 50 year old authentic Chanel necklace, romantic details like ruffles on knitwear by Mango and 80s style with cropped and destroyed mum denim pants by Hennes and Mauritz. At least I add some edgy punk fun attitude with these fishnets by Falke and my lambskin fur Ugg slippers. On my way I see stunning old german architecture and some gorgeous pink fun cosmetics and a calico cat in a korean beauty shop. So cool! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, lovelies.

My Style: Sassy and Classy





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My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Today my collaboration with SassyClassy, a cool german online store starts. These two fashion it-pieces are definitely my favs! I’m wearing a cool and sexy black fake-leather dress with lace details and an awesome grey mélange fake-fur winter jacket. Love that look! You too? It’s SALE on and you get up to 70% off and ADDITIONAL 30% OFF ON EVERYTHING with my CODE howtobeinstyle10.

My Style: Grey Velvet and Leather

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: I’m so in love with velvet this season! So today I’m wearing a cool dark grey velvet sweater by Hennes and Mauritz and combine it with one of my black leather skirts, my cool boots by Zara, my velvet choker and my cross earrings also in grey. Grey definitely is one of the trend colors of this winter season. My half bun always is a cool and comfy hair style. Now I’m ready for today’s model job. Wishing you a great day lovelies!

Choose Kindness and Laugh Often

Choose Kindness and Laugh Often. Yes this really is part of my philosophie! Because if you laugh a lot and give your positive energy and kindness to others you get so much positivity back. That’s how to create happiness. Don’t wait until happiness comes to you. It won’t! You have to create happiness on your own in your own soul. Then you will be able to spread positive power. You get what you give. Start now! Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing sunday, lovelies!

My Style: Do You Believe In Ghosts?

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Do You Believe In Ghosts? Yes this was the first thing I started thinking wearing this victorian style blouse by Zara with the translucent fabrique, ruffles and the high collar. I love it! Because as I told you, I’m feeling like a very old soul from an ancient time. This does not mean, that I’m old-fashioned of course! 🙂 Together with my destroyed denim pants this victorian style it looks a bit more edgy with a hint of punk attitude. My rhinestone cross earrings in dark grey complete my today’s look. Now I’m ready for modeling. Wishing you a gorgeous day! Remember: Life is tricky, baby. So stay in your magic!

My Style: Snow Boho Princess

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Snow Boho Princess. It’s another modeling day and it’s so incredibly cold outside. So I need a cool but warm outfit. I’m wearing a cognac colored suede skirt by Zara, an off-white cutout sweater by Tally Weijl, a fur vest in the same color, cognac colored suede gloves by Roeckl also with fur and warm Ugg boots in the same color. My cognac colored rhinestone choker is a great match with my today’s look and adds some boho feeling. Now I’m ready for the snow outside! Wishing you a great day and follow your soul, lovelies! It knows the way.

Cool Showroom Decoration – Me Modeling Fall Winter 2017

Cool Showroom Decoration – Me Modeling Fall Winter 2017 for Laurèl. As I already told you, I’m modeling for Laurèl these weeks, presenting the new fall winter 2017 collection in the showroom. The story of the collection is: ‘Follow your dreams’. The accessories are decorated on night black glitter shelves, a silver door and huge clocks are flying through the showroom. Black feathers are growing on silver ladders, probably the only way into the dark sky following your dreams. I love this place working here for so many years! Saying ‘hello’ and wishing you a gorgeous day!

My Style: Simple Pink Black Coolness

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Simple Pink Black Coolness. Since Tuesday this week I’m modeling each day for the next weeks to present fall winter 2017 designer fashion. It’s very busy. So many customers are coming from all over the world. So I don’t post pictures or blog posts each day. Today I’m wearing simple pink and black, casual but cool style. Just arrived in the showroom. It’s sunday but I love my work! Customers from China are placing an order today. I love my comfy look with pink knitwear jumper, black fake leather pants and black biker boots all by Zara. My ponytail is simple, cool and handy for my today’s model job. It’s very very cold outside with a lot of snow. A great view from inside the showroom fitting room. I put my cute Frieda Kahlo beauty bag into the snow to take a picture, because this bag I found in Formentera, Spain this year brings a little bit of summer into these cold german winter days. I love all the beautiful decoration in the showroom like these pink and white flowers and sweets. Wishing you a gorgeous sunday!

My Style: Black Tulle and Feathers – Vanity Kills

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Black Tulle and Feathers – Vanity Kills. Today is my second day of the new model season fall winter 2017. I need a cool warm winter look. So I’m wearing my black tulle midi skirt, my cutout knitwear sweater and my black biker boots by Zara. To make this outfit look more mysterious and edgy I put on my black feather necklace and another retro style one with ‘Vanity kills’ written on it. Love that look! Hope you too. 🙂