Any Kind Of Art. Yes, I love art in any kind. At the weekend for me it’s one of the best things to do, to do art, to watch art, to be art. I love the art of good photography as seen in a gallery this weekend and the art of creating stunning shopwindows like the one by Louis Vuitton. If you edit photos everything can become art. It’s the way of watching something in a different way, the way of exagerating details, the way to compose things, styles, colors and shapes.

In this way even a delicious cake becomes art. You can pretend things – like on my first pic of this post – let it snow in your living room. Even the way of thinking can be art. You just have to stop thinking in your usual way restricted by your special rules of thinking. Try to think out of the box of what’s right or wrong, what’s usual or not, what’s probable or not. ‘There’s a voice, that doesn’t use words. Listen.’ Listen to your inner voice, use your intuition instead of your mind to create new ways of thinking – new for you. Let it flow. And you will be surprised how cool it is, because new ways of thinking offer new ways of acting, new opportunities. Neuroplasticity is a science about the lasting change of the brain throughout an individual’s life. Emotions, environmental stimuli and thoughts may cause neuroplastic change. This means also every kind of new thought may change your brain, because it expands the neuronal network of your brain. Yes even an adult-brain is not ‘finished’, but it can change each day. If you want to learn more about neuroplasticity this book by Sharon Begley is great: ‘Train your mind, change your brain : how a new science reveals our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves.’ The german version is called: ‘Neue Gedanken – neues Gehirn : die Wissenschaft der Neuroplastizität beweist, wie unser Bewusstsein das Gehirn verändert.’

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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