Beach Hair and Dolls

Oh I loveee to be at the beach! Today is a very special day, because lots of unique and weird things happened to me at the beach. What happened? I’m sitting here with my beach hair looking at the ocean telling you the story. Well …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

I walked at the beach as each morning here. Nearly nobody’s here. No children. Then a cute baby doll which has exactly my hair and eye color layed in front of me. No child at the whole beach, so I took this cute little thing with me. I walked along the beach, thinking that it never happened before, that I found something at the beach. While thinking and looking on the sandy ground I nearly stepped on a naked blondie! Oh no! No woman, but another cute doll! It was Barbie’s little sister Chelsea! OMG! This must be doll day! No child or anybody near to whom this doll probably belongs. So I took it and smiled because of these weird things happened withing 10 minutes. Arrived at my favorite place at the beach I washed her sandy hair and decided to make a photo shoot to capture this cool and funny event. I designed a dress made of sea grass and put her on a shell. So cool! The next thing what happened was: I was swimming in the beautiful ocean watching a manatee very near. So exciting! This really is something which nearly never happens as people living here in Florida affirm. A day full of surprises!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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