Yes really! Don’t lose your fire! Everyone comes to this earth with a fire inside, a fire to watch the world, the nature, the people. A fire to learn something new, a fire to do something great! Never forget that!

Only you yourself can lighten this fire again! No one else! Try to be as curious and positive like a child again with all the experience you got over the years living on this planet. If you do that, everything can happen. You can make it! For that you first need to love yourself and then spread a lot of love around the people you know or meet. On this way try to think new as often as possible and take the liberty to make mistakes. Sometimes this is the only way to think and to create something new. Do everything you do as good as you can with all your passion. Take it slow, but stay focussed and never give up! Yes, that’s all! The secret to be happy.

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
HowToBeInStyle is a fashion, style & beauty blog founded & created by ALESSANDRA, model, lover of photography, art, hippie & retro style, design, tigers & all things beautiful. She loves to share her passion! REAL BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE