It’s a dark day and no single sunlight can break through the deep grey, heavy and dense fog. The earl of darkness has invited me to come to his old and huge castle, well known to be a place many people has seen as the last one in their life. They walked in, but never were seen again, leaving the castle. Am I scared?

No! I’m beware of my special wichtery. So the only question for me is: What will I wear? I decide to choose my favorite color black which will look awesome on me as ever. A precious lace skirt and corsage will match gorgeous with my lace-up leather ankle boots, the full-length gloves and my ruthenium-plated silver eyed necklace. Or should I wear my heart and batwings earrings instead? I’ll make my decision later. But I’m sure to put on my spider ring and my glo pumpkin nail enamel in red and in black. Everything will look beautiful on my pure white skin. My deep green eyes and my natural red lips will be enough for make-up today. Laying on my black satin settee, feeling cozy on my bride of frankenstein pillow, I’m dreaming of a mystic evening, bringing some skeleton cupcakes with me which will becalm the earl.

Pictures/Shop it: black skirt and corsage:, thebatinthehat skull pillow calavera II:, thebatinthehat bride of frankenstein pillow:, Halloween Gothic batwings heart earrings:, Gothic doll:, Cute as a Button ‘too cute to spook’ halloween ghost button:, Haider Ackermann Lace-up leather ankle boots:, Bottega Veneta Ruthenium-plated silver eye necklace:, Bottega Veneta Full-length leather gloves:, Spirit Bat Wings Red Gem Necklace:, Accessorize Sally Spider Ring:, Rite Aid Glo Pumpkin Nail Enamel:, Skeleton Cupcakes recipe:

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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