Grandmas’ Glam Home. Today is a very special day, because I’m visiting my beautiful grandma for cake and coffee in her glam home. She lives very far away from my home, so I see her only twice a year. On the way to her home I enjoy the beautiful spring trees. Her glamorous home is full of stunning antique pieces like old paintings, glam chandeliers and lots of old clocks, because my grandpa, who is dead loves to spend his free time with restoring old precious clocks and watches. My Mum, my sister, my grandma and I are having some delicious cherry cake, baked by my grandma and some hot coffee. From my childhood on I loved her style! Today my grandma is looking awesome in her 60s like pink velvet suit combined with glamorous jewelry and pink lipstick. I really model myself on her! That’s exactly how I would like to be when I’m old. I also love the cute princess-like precious old porcelain! As I was a child I always felt like a princess being in a castle when visiting my grandparents.

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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