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Oh I’m so into this top and this quote! I love graphic tees like this!! I want to wear it each day. 🙂 Today is another adventure day. I will visit Placida Cove and Boca Grande, also named Gasparilla Island… A very haunted pirate story. Why? Well …

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This will be a pirate-like trip, which makes me want to get that bohemian mysterious vibe. This top worn together with this stunning lace tunic by Charlotte Russe and my beloved glitter denim pants by Tally Weijl makes me feel boho-tastic. My cute choker, my earrings from Portugal and my pirate-treasure-like necklaces intense that feeling.

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

Placida Cove

But this trip is so much more than I ever expected! The small old fisher place Placida Cove has an old wreck, a very old cannon, an empty fisher market place with colorful cute paintings and only three small and unique shops with antiques and art. The empty fisher market is really haunted. Watching each corner while taking a video I nearly freak out as a cat with very intense green eyes surprises me. She looks at me as though she wants to tell me, that I’d better leave that place. But I love it! I get very said as an old woman who worked in one of those antique shops tells me, that they will tear down this place in the near future to build something new. I’m very happy that I had the chance to visit this lovely unique location before it will be replaced to some artificial new place like you find very many places here in Florida. I could stay forever here, but Boca Grande is the island which I also want to explore today. Not much time left.

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Boca Grande

And Boca Grande is really worth visiting it! It has an old history and some very cool old buildings like two lighthouses. I swear I didn’t read anything about this island before. So I also didn’t know that there are two lighthouses on this very small island. Driving along the main road there’s a huge white pyramidal skeletal tower surrounded by palm trees. Thinking that’s the only lighthouse I get out of the car to take some photos.

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Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse

Walking along the small path which ends at the lighthouse I feel very strange. The nearer I get to the lighthouse the more terrible I feel. This lighthouse seems to push me away. Something like this really never happened to me before. I feel nausea and although it’s very hot I start to freeze. Something about this lighthouse is very wrong! I really would love to know what happened there hundrets of years ago. I know now that it’s called the Boca Grande Rear Range Lighthouse built in 1881 and served first as the Delaware Breakwater Rear Range Light. Between 1918 and 1921 it was inactive and was shipped to Miami. 1927 it was sent to Gasparilla Island and painted white. It’s well renovated now. The legend says the second lighthouse on the next pic is haunted by a little girl, the daughter of the exowner, which died in the lighthouse and also by a spanish headless princess. But for me the skeletal tower is the building or the place which I really feel bad sensing a very negative energy. So strong that it nearly was impossible for me to get to the entrance. Weired! Although everything was ligth white and friendly looking. The lighthouse is closed. Nobody is here. I leave this place very very quickly to get to the other old lighthouse.

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Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

The second lighthouse called Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, built in 1890 is said to be haunted. The whole beach is said to be haunted by a headless spanish princess, which was caught and murdered by José Gaspar, a spanish pirate (1756-1821), who felt in love with her. But she didn’t like him, so he killed her, but regretted it. He kept her head after burying her body at the beach, so that he could look at her beauty. A really terrible story! Yes it’s only a legend and there is no proof that even José Gaspar ever lived. This lighthouse is closed, but I feel a heavy energy at the beach although it’s full of beautiful shells and unique birds. Don’t want to be there at night. 🙂 But I feel great now that I’m on a pirate island, found some beautiful shells, took hundrets of gorgeous photos and saw my first pineapple freshly growing right along the way. I’m happy and tired now. Wishing you a great evening and night.

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