Months passed without a drop of rain falling from the brassy sky. The fine powdery dust permeated everywhere. Walking through the streets it wasn’t possible to breathe without inhaling dust and dirt. It even stuck to my naked legs and let me feel like a very old horse which was standing on a dry and paltry field for weeks.

I wasn’t able to say what was burning more in my eyes: the airborne dust or the glistening light of the sun being low. Today was the day. I’ll work up the courage to meet the well known dark and dangerous Nick. I’ll have to balance accounts with him! And I really know how to do it, how to impress him! ‘Cause I’m a tough lady, not even knowing how to dress but also how to solve a problem! So I’m dressed to kill. He’ll have to pull his socks up! I said to myself ‘Don’t be scared … Maybe it’s the best thing that could happen.’ I adjusted my flower hair-band, tried to get the dirt out of my skirt and moved on holding my head up high. Far back I could guess Nicks’ cottage, dark and blood-curdling as himself. (…) To be continued …



Shop it: Konplott gun necklace with naked enamal lady:, 2 years old skirt by Juicy Couture and top by mango, Hippie flower hair-band found in Formentera, skull rings found in a cool vintage shop in germany, boots by TANGO GmbH.

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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