Today it’s a great honor to me to write my new blog post about the awesome and ultra sassy line fluff created by the sweet artist Claudette Barjoud, because I really fell in love with these beautiful 1950’s inspired vintage Pinup girls which are sexy, glamourous and cute at one time! You remember that I love the opposites. For this reason the Hula Exotica Limited Edition Print really is a must and my personal favorite! You discover a cute hula girl with mystic colors, a skull and a tiki on it. Gorgeous! Love it! There are so many cuties! Hard to choose. My favorite product lines are the ‘Hula Cuties’, ‘She Devil’ (here I choose a mirror; really sexy!) and ‘Lady Leopard’ (I choose this Pill Box and a Luggage Tag). fluffshop offers a lot of unique, small and cute christmas presents as the litte Kimono Cutie or Skull Discut Coin Purses. Other cuties like Molly Mermaid or Suzy Sailor show how much love, fun and talent Claudette Barjoud puts in her artwork. I know that you’re completely into this cuties before this blog post comes to its end. 😉 If you live in the United States you have a big advantage in contrast to me living in Germany. Miss Fluff is distributed all over the United States and also in France and the UK. Oooooooh I’m in love with this pink hula cutie. 🙂




Pictures/Shop it: fluffshop by Claudette Barjoud:

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