Yes, probably it’s just because of the warm summer breeze, the bright colors of nature and the sunlight which fullfills me with power and positive thoughts. Actually I love to wear flowers in my braided hair – sometimes a flower hair clip or real flowers.

Flowers remind me of being part of the nature, going back to basics, be happy about small things like these colorful presents of nature. They clean my mind, no chance to feel blue anymore. On the other hand flowers have this mystic vintage touch because they’ve already existed long before these days, long before times of web and twitter. Sometimes I feel like a woman who isn’t part of this century, but part of a preceding one. Such as my handwriting. I love contrasts – in me – in time. Being melancholic and romantic and at the same time interested in everything new. Love to combine vintage materials like lace as this vest by Gentlefawn with modern stuff like a cool casual rose colored shorts. The contrast between flowers as part of life and skulls as part of death has something inspiring. I’ve made this skull necklace on my own some years ago. This skull has something friendly anyway. Contrasts make things less serious and more exciting.

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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