Purple Lace Swimsuit

Yes it’s important to make your statement. What I mean with making your statement? A purple lace swimsuit is really sexy and eye-catching. Well …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

One really essential thing is, be self-confident! Be authentic. Show your real personality. Do not always mind about what other people are thinking of you, of your kind of doing things, of your opinion and your kind of thinking, of your kind of dressing … If you are feeling good in doing, thinking or wearing something, if it is really part of your personality, it’s ok and you will have the right attitude and vibes. Because this is 100 percent YOU. You don’t have to copy others or compare to others. Because you are unique. Nobody can be you. That’s enough. But that doesn’t mean you will stay like this forever. Of course it’s important to be open-minded to other opinions and new kind of thinking and behaving to give change and advancement a chance, a chance to do new great things, a chance to learn, a chance to get wise.

This cool purple colored, sexy lace swimsuit by Becca really is a statement! I love it! Swimsuits are part of this season’s summer fashion. Wear it together with some cool denim shorts and be self-confident and sexy. 🙂

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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