Mint, Lace and Denim

Today is a cool day, because I explore a new city here on the West Coast of Florida. I wear some cute fresh light blue and mint comfy hippie look. Reminds me of delicious mint ice cream. Mint and lace with denim is a beautiful combination …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

My flower hair and my crystal pendants make it even more sweet. Mint and Lace is so fresh and romantic! Exploring Saint Petersburg in Florida I’m completely overwhelmed, because of its versatility! First vintage and art stores in a cute old street with a famous 80 year old haunted bookstore, called Haslem’s Books. I found cool vintage style cameo pendants, which I will post later and took so many photos of old buildings with beautiful paintings on it. Beautiful old classic cars and cute antique mermaid statues crossed my way. Really inspiring! The other part of the town is more busy with lots of very old brick buildings which reminds of New York City. Here everything feels more rock-style like. I hear music. It’s a band doing the dress rehearsal for today’s concert. You find a lot of pubs and tattoo stores here.

Why Saint Petersburg has a russian origin

I also find some beautiful old cross pendants in a russian store. They are from Saint Petersburg in Russia. Irritated? The city was founded in 1875 by General John C. Williams from Detroit. The first hotel was named like his birthtown Detroit. 13 years later a russion aristocrat Peter Demens, born in Saint Petersburg, Russia brought the Orange Belt Railway to this town and named the so called Florida’s Sunshine City like his birthtown: Saint Petersburg. So it makes sense to buy a russian cross pendant from Saint Petersburg Russia exactly here.

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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