My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Gaultier Style. Today really has been a very very special day! I’m sooooo exited and inspired! My mum and I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition ‘From the sidewalk to the catwalk”. It was breath-taking! I always knew that Gaultier really is a great artist and designer, but this exhibition has been so much more I expected! He is a genious! The dolls wearing his fashion art seemed to be alive! They could speak and they were staring at you! So incredible cool! I took thousands of pictures because there have been so many gorgeous details, like these statement necklaces. And gaultier really was one of the first designer who really dares to surprise with completely new fashion, like bustiers, which seems to belong to another century, maxiskirts for men and breath-taking statement jewelry inspired by other cultures. His denim and punk art is as much brilliant as his accurate constructed haute couture pieces. I definitely will visit this exhibition once again! Here are some of my pictures. More will follow. Stay tuned!

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