My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lazy Sunday. Today I’m a bit tired and don’t feel that well. But it’s a very warm and sunny autumn day.

So I put on some laid-back clothes like some distressed and ripped denim pants by Zara, a cropped hoody by Tally Weijl in fashionable pink with an indian inspired elephant print and my boots by Zara. These days I love to wear a half bun because it’s comfy and cool. I put on my pink glas earrings and start my walk outside in the city. On my way I find some beautiful designer pieces in the shopwindows like this pink and flower bags by Gucci and Roberto Cavalli and this cute velvet dress bei Saint Laurent. Wishing you a wonderful sunday lovelies!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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