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Luxurious Fine Jewelry and Trend Fashion – Me Modeling ss16

Luxurious Fine Jewelry and Trend Fashion – Me Modeling ss16. Today I do another model job – a fine jewelry show. What’s really gorgeous about this event is that the luxurious designer jewelry is combined with awesome trend fashion looks for spring summer 2016. The first look are pastel colors combined with white gold jewelry, rose quartz and a stunning watch by Breitling. I wear a cute sunny yellow dress by Mango, a pink jacket and a romantic hair piece with flowers. The second look ‘White and Gold’ shows italian luxury fine jewelry in gold and a watch by Fabergé, which exists only once worldwide. I’m so honored to present this exclusive piece. I wear some white culottes and a beautiful lace blouse also in white. I also love the white clutch. On one side it’s written ‘Stressed’ and on the other side ‘But well dressed’. The best is: Fabergé loves my post! So cool! The third and last look really is very fashionable and my favourite! It’s a bohemian flower style with flower dress and bomber jacket combined with a watch with rose and stunning luxurious feather earrings. Yes, diamonds are the girls best friends. 🙂 Love my job! 🙂 On the last pic you see me driving to my model job this morning. Have a wonderful day!

My Style: Adiorable Reloaded

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Adiorable Reloaded. As you already know, I loveee contrasts! So today I mix some luxurious designer jewelry, like these Chanel earrings and my Adiorable necklace by Dior with a cute shirt showing some funny cats and my new silver sneakers by Zara. It’s written ‘Be different’ on my shirt. Yes that’s what I try. 🙂 Have a good day lovelies!

My Style: Sun In The City – Metallic Pineapple

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Sun In The City – Metallic Pineapple. Today I don’t have to work. So I spend my lunch time enjoying the warm nearly hot spring sun in the city. I love to look at the beautiful old german architecture. Later on I watch the shopwindows with brand new spring summer 2016 designer fashion and shoes to post it for you! I wear one of my boho off-shoulder blouses. With me my italian silver colored designer bag with golden pineapple pendant. After that I enjoy some delicious white chocolate ice cream at home. Have a wonderful day!

My Style: Leo and Golden Glam Dance Shoes

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Leo and Golden Glam Dance Shoes. After a model job I need some workout. Today it’s a dance step workout. I wear a leo top, black leggings and my beloved golden glam dance sneakers by Reebok! Love them so much! They are cool and the best for my body, especially my knees, because they have a cool turning point! 🙂 And the best is: Reebok Women loves my style! I’m soooo honoured!

My Style: Pastel Softness

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Pastel Softness. Today I wear a new fake suede dress in soft pastel color with 90s style boots. I wear my Gucci sunglasses because it’s a sunny day. Now I’m ready for my second model job this week, a fashion day for sellers to learn more about fall winter 2016 designer fashion.

My Style: Cherry Blossom Love – Asian Bomber

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Cherry Blossom Love – Asian Bomber. Yes this is one more bomber jacket inspired by 50s Sukajan jackets from Japan. This one has cherry blossom embroderies. I love it so much! Together with my black distressed highwaist denim pants and my velvet choker and half bun it’s a cool laid-back style. Today it’s a special day because I start a new job also as model and style consultant for Escada. The next month I will do this job nearly each weekend on fridays and saturdays. So cool! 🙂 Now I’m ready to go. Have a lovely day!

My Style: Asian Coolness

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Asian Coolness. I have to admit that this season I really fall in love with too many bomber jackets! 🙂 Especially the ones which are inspired by japanese 50s Sukajan jackets are my favorites. I combine it with my eye-catching white Prada sunglasses to create a cool look. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Grandmas’ Glam Home

Grandmas’ Glam Home. Today is a very special day, because I’m visiting my beautiful grandma for cake and coffee in her glam home. She lives very far away from my home, so I see her only twice a year. On the way to her home I enjoy the beautiful spring trees. Her glamorous home is full of stunning antique pieces like old paintings, glam chandeliers and lots of old clocks, because my grandpa, who is dead loves to spend his free time with restoring old precious clocks and watches. My Mum, my sister, my grandma and I are having some delicious cherry cake, baked by my grandma and some hot coffee. From my childhood on I loved her style! Today my grandma is looking awesome in her 60s like pink velvet suit combined with glamorous jewelry and pink lipstick. I really model myself on her! That’s exactly how I would like to be when I’m old. I also love the cute princess-like precious old porcelain! As I was a child I always felt like a princess being in a castle when visiting my grandparents.

My Style: Boudoir Style

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Boudoir Style. Now I arrived at my mum’s home. I wear one of my lingerie style tops in light pink and a new beautiful asian inspired tunic. My vintage earrings and my necklace with a white labradorite healing stone are the perfect match with this glam location. The painting in the back is painted by me a very very long time ago. On the table are beautiful pink roses. Later on I spend some time with my mum in the city watching beautiful spring summer 2016 designer shopwindows like these ones by Dior and enjoying some gorgeous lunch at a glamorous thai restaurant. A wonderful day. Good night lovelies. 🙂

My Style: Fresh Lingerie Style

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Fresh Lingerie Style. Today I’m very happy, ’cause I will take a flight to Duesseldorf to spend some days with my mum. 🙂 I wear my lingerie like sild top in turquoise, light summer knitwear und some off-white fake leather pants. I glam it up with one of my beloved statement necklaces in aqua colors and vintage earrings which look like water drops. Love this look. Have a great day!

The White Ballroom

The White Ballroom. Today I visited one of the biggest baroque castles in the world – similar to the gorgeous one in Versailles, France. The german castle is called ‘Schloss Schleissheim’. It is build in 1700 and soooo glamorous! I was completely fascinated by the huge ballrooms, especially the white one! Simply stunning! There also is a luxurious red gallery full of paintings of famous painters like Rubens and Van Dyck. I loved the princess ballroom in gold and yellow! Simply Wow! Walking straight through the castle garden you reach ‘Schloss Lustheim’ at the other end of the garden, also built in 1700 just for having fun. 🙂 I took so many pics it’s not possible to show them all. It really has been a unique day! So glamorous and inspiring! Hope you like my photography.

My Style: Spring Start, Cookie Monster and Asparagus


My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Spring Start, Cookie Monster and Asparagus. Yes today, spring has really really arrived in Germany! I put some of my beloved romantic off-shoulder blouses on and combine it with a very destroyed denim pants, my adidas superstars in white, my beloved labradorite healing stone necklace and beautiful old turquoise earrings I have for years. Outside I enjoy the warm summer like sun. On my way there are beautiful and majestic old german buildings, fresh asparagus, strawberries and flowers and a Cookie Monster in a shopwindow having as much fun looking outside than I do today. 🙂

My Style: Rainbow Moonstone

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: I loveeee my new healing stone pendant! It’s a white labradorite also called rainbow moonstone because it looks similar to a moonstone, but having all the colors of a rainbow in it. Especially the colors white, pink and blue are glimmering so strong that I just can’t avert my eyes. It’s sooooo beautiful! White, pink and blue are exactly the colors which springs brings the most these days. I’m walking through the nature enjoying the fresh smell of all these beautiful spring flowers.

My Style: Bomber Jacket Goes Asia

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Bomber Jacket Goes Asia. No, my bomber jacket doesn’t really go to Asia. It only looks like a beautiful asian print. But today I do a model job in germany. So it goes to the very south of Germany to the Tegernsee a beautiful lake. I will do my model and style consultant job and love the cute pink decoration with sweets and flowers at my modeling location! But the most awesome thing today is the lake itself, the nature and my lunch location! It’s so glam and cozy! I’m in love especially with all the gorgeous photography and paintings on the wall, the cute easter decoration and the glamorous chandeliers! Stunning! Hope you like it as much as I do!