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My Style: Flouncy Denim From Head To Toe

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Flouncy Denim From Head To Toe. I’m so in love with my light fresh spring denim-from-head-to-toe look! Especially the flouncy details and the off-shoulder part of my blouse. The button-facing of my denim pants in light blue is so 70ies. Love that retro detail! I combine my today’s outfit with my metallic boots and my beloved hippie berg crystal necklace I bought in Florida last year. My this year’s easter eggs are hippie girls like I am! πŸ™‚ They are wearing floral wreaths on their little egg heads, they are happy and in a good spring mood like I am. Karl Lagerfeld in the middle puts a hint of severity and glam to them. Love it! πŸ™‚

My Style: Show Your Shoulder


My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Show Your Shoulder. Today the second day of my model and style consultant job for Luisa Cerano starts very glamorous in my victorian style hotel room. I loveeee the bed! This hotel is very very old in a city in the south of germany. You see a lot of history here with very old architecture. So I want to be dressed glamorous too with a hint of antique style. I wear one of my beloved off-shoulder boho blouses in dark pink-taupe, my taupe colored mini skirt and antique like chandelier earrings in dark brown. I wear my hair simply with a bun and start my day in a good inspired mood. πŸ™‚

Sugar Rush, Feminine Safari Style and Ocean Blue – Me Modeling ss16

Sugar Rush, Feminine Safari Style and Ocean Blue – Me Modeling ss16. The next two days I will do another model and style consultant job for Luisa Cerano. I present a lot of beautiful spring summer 2016 looks, like this pink suit combined with my new silver block heel sandals, a feminine safari style with cool pants and lace top and a fresh and maritime look with stripes top and flower pantern a-line skirt. The location is beautiful decorated with spring tulips, modern easter bunnies and beautiful photography on the wall like a Sophia Loren portrait. On my way to work I see so many gorgeous old german architecture. Here are some of my pics I took today.

Spring Green, Flower Prints and Sailor Style – Me Modeling ss16

Spring Green, Flower Prints and Sailer Style – Me Modeling ss16. Today I will do some spring summer 2016 fashion shows in a cute small designer boutique. I start with a light green spring dress in a-line. In my first break I found another interior design shop all green! Green cute heart soaps, green candles and more green decoration. A huge buddha statue and beautiful jewelry by Konplott add some glam and peace. I loved this place! During my fahion shows I also presented flower prints and a very cool sailor look! Four fashion shows means three breaks and a lot of time to eat a lot of yummy food! πŸ™‚ I love vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries! Yummy!! In the third and last break I spend a gorgeous time with the other models at a very glamorous place with golden seats and chandeliers to enjoy a huuuuge burger! πŸ™‚ Have a good night lovelies!

My Style: Lace-Up Neckline

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lace-Up Neckline. Today it’s time for some fashion shows. So I need something fashionable, cool but comfy. I wear my dark blue highwaist denim pants and combine them with a mauve colored melange shirt with this seasons’ must-have: a lace-up neckline! So sexy and laid-back. Love it! Hope you like it too! πŸ™‚

My Style: Broken Tenderness

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Broken Tenderness. As you know I really love contrasts and the mixture of different styles. Today my mum comes to visit me and I will meet her at the airport. My today’s look is a mix of 70s, 90s and victorian age. My highwaist denim pants and my velvet choker will let you think of the 70s, the destroyed parts and the black color add some grunge attitude of the 90s to my look and the style and material of my lace top makes me feel like living in the victorian age. Love that look! One of my favorites! My sheriff like earrings, my skull bracelet by King Baby, my golden bracelet by Michael Kors and a lot of rings complete my today’s outfit. Arrived at the airport, I take some pictures of a cool modern waterfall inside the building and a colorful design at the moving floor. Later walking through the city together with my mum I found some Kokeshis which are sooooo cute and cool. One looks like Coco Chanel, one like Karl Lagerfeld and another like Anna Wintour! Want to have them all! First I buy Coco! πŸ™‚ In the evening I enjoy a good italian dinner with my mum. No, she doesn’t want to be in my blog although she loves it! πŸ™‚ Love the old postcards in black and white from Italy. So cool! I like the black and white vintage version of my today’s look. Hope you too! Have a great night! πŸ™‚

My Style: Green-Gold Like Cactus In The Sun

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Green-Gold Like Cactus In The Sun. Today I will present some spring summer 2016 designer looks in Salzburg, Austria. I wear my highwaist denim and combine it with my new green-gold bomberjacket. Later I see that it was exactly the right look for the location because the huge cactus in the hallway of the modern building is a perfect match! The ladies watching my presentation today enjoy the delicious chocolate cake. As always I meet some gorgous people and take a lot of pictures of the cool interior design. On my way I love to watch the huge mountains. So beautiful! Have a wonderful day lovelies!

Flower Prints and Mid-Rise Flared Pants – Me Modeling ss16

Flower Prints and Mid-Rise Flared Pants – Me Modeling ss16. Today I will do some spring summer 2016 fashion shows with gorgeous designer pieces. I wear a lot of flower prints, mid-rise pants in denim or soft materials with beautiful prints, metallic look jackets, oversize blazer with stripes and flower prints. I combine these stunning outfits with my cool high heels. I’ve got my new silver metallic designer bag from Italy with me packed with silver heels with fringes or block heels and of course my silver Budapester shoes. My modeling place is a cute designer store where I always find some beautiful jewelry from asian countries. Today I love the necklace with a buddha pendant. It’s mine now. πŸ™‚

Palms, Flowers, Cake and Art – Me Modeling ss16

Palms, Flowers, Cake and Art – Me Modeling ss16. Here you see me during my job today – model & style consultant for spring summer 2016 designer fashion. It’s all about flowers. During my rest I go outside and find some awesome place for cake and coffee. So cool, edgy and stylish! Love it! And my cake is so delicious! On my way back I take some pics of great old german buildings.

My Style: Back Into The 90s – Bomber Jacket

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Yeah, today I go back into the 90s with this cool bomber jacket in military green, block heel boots and a glam rock blouse with lace-up neckline. Mixed with my dark blue highwaist denim pants this look is brought back to 2016. Love it! Hope you love it too. Now I feel cool and powerful for today’s model job.

My Style: Style In The Snow

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Style In The Snow. Today I’m busy. Butt I take my time to enjoy the snow outside and the beautiful nature in germany. Never forget to see all the beauty of nature, the colors, shades and different atmosphere of the four seasons.

My Style: Dark Glitter Glam

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Dark Glitter Glam. Today I want to create a perfect match with my new black dance sneakers by Reebok. I think this skull glitter leggings are cool. And Reebok loves it too. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

My Style: White Princess Glam

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: White Princess Glam. Today is the last day I present fall winter 2016. The spring summer 2016 events will be in march and april. It’s cold outside. Winter is back in germany. So I need some light fresh but glamorous look today. I wear some fake leather pants and a white sleeveless blouse by Zara, a cuddly white cardigan and one of my glam statement necklaces, this one is by Jade & Jasper. During my rest I eat some german Bretzel with butter, because I usually don’t eat that at home. πŸ™‚ Wishing you a gorgeous week!

My Style: Texas – 1974

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Texas – 1974. Today it’s very sunny outside and I feel a little bit adventurous. πŸ™‚ As you know I love retro style, especially the 70s look. I wear some light blue highwaist pants with bottoms at the front, a western blouse I found in a Western Store in Florida and my glam and fun jewelry with retro style glam necklace and western inspired pistol necklace. And the most important thing: I wear my new hippie boots by Old Gringo, the best boots in the world! I love the color and the different hippie stuff which is on them, like swallows, hearts, arrows and flowers! Soooo cool!

My Style: Red Lips

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Red Lips. You know I usually wear nude or light pink lipstick and lipgloss. I love the 60s and 70s makeup style with eyeliner and light lips. But sometimes I just want to look different. So I bought some really red lipstick and tried it right now. Hope you like it. πŸ™‚ But nude and pink lips are my favourite anyway. πŸ™‚ Good night to you all!