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Are You Ready For Xmas?


Are you ready for xmas? Or do you need some inspiration? Just in case you miss some ideas for beautiful gifts, your own xmas look or just wanna get into this glamorous xmas mood here we are! 🙂 I decorated a xmas tree for you with lots of beautiful glam gifts for her or for yourself by Gucci, Moschino, Self-Portrait, Gianvito Rossi, Anya Hindmarch, Aquazurra, Tom Dixon, Maria Lucia Hohan, Ruifier and more. Be inspired! Here are some galleries for you with some of my favorites, wich doesn’t mean to wear them all together. 🙂 Click on the pics to see where you can buy each glam piece. All the awesome fashion and beauty pieces of my fashion collage you find under ‘Pictures/Shop it’ at the end of this blog post as always.

Golden Inspiration

Silver Inspiration

Pink Inspiration

Wild Animal Inspiration

Pictures/Shop it Fashion Collage: Michelle Mason Silk-satin wrap gown, Maria Lucia Hohan Lamé gown, Self-Portrait Tiered paneled guipure lace dress, Gucci Tiger Head earrings, Gucci Soho Disco textured-leather shoulder bag, Ruifier necklace with diamond pendant ‘Cupid’, Gianvito Rossi black pumps, Tom Dixon London, Orientalist and Royalty set of three candles, Moschino iphone cover ‘Icecream’, Gucci golden logo block heels, JINsoon Nail Polish – Tout Ensemble Collection, Aquazzura Christy leather-trimmed metallic bouclé point-toe flats, Anya Hindmarch ‘eyes’ bag, Noor Fares earrings “FLY ME TO THE MOON”,

Xmas Glam In The City

Christmas Glam In The City. It’s weekend. Time to go and watch all the glamour and glitter decorated for xmas in the city. It’s sunny with a beautiful clear and blue sky. I took so many pics that it isn’t possible to show them all. Here are some of my favorites, like the awesome shopwindows by Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, beautiful xmas lights on old historical german architecture and at least Santa himself. Oh I know that cars doesn’t have anything to do with xmas. But I loveeeee cool cars. So here we are! 🙂 Wishing you a gorgeous weekend and remember: ‘Everyday may not be good, but there’s something good in everyday.’ 🙂 Oh, I want to thank you soooooo much, because I reached 20 k followers on instagram! So gorgeous! Thank you so much for all your likes and lovely comments all over the years! I’m really really happy that you love my style and inspiration. 🙂

My Style: Glitter Wolf Watching The Stars

My style – OOTD: My look: Glitter Wolf Watching The Stars. Yes my glitter wolf on my sweater is watching the stars. Huge blue and black stars are hanging on my statement necklace above him, combined with a dark blue velvet band like the night sky just worn with a bow around my neck. My little silver skull earrings make this outfit look more adventurous. It’s cold outside. So I need some stockings under my denim pants. I wear destroyed jeans so it’s cool to wear some leo pattern under it. My wool hat and my wedges boots by Ugg complete my today’s winter outfit. Now I’m ready to do something awesome today! 🙂 What about you, guys?

Any Kind Of Art

Any Kind Of Art. Yes, I love art in any kind. At the weekend for me it’s one of the best things to do, to do art, to watch art, to be art. I love the art of good photography as seen in a gallery this weekend and the art of creating stunning shopwindows like the one by Louis Vuitton. If you edit photos everything can become art. It’s the way of watching something in a different way, the way of exagerating details, the way to compose things, styles, colors and shapes. In this way even a delicious cake becomes art. You can pretend things – like on my first pic of this post – let it snow in your living room. Even the way of thinking can be art. You just have to stop thinking in your usual way restricted by your special rules of thinking. Try to think out of the box of what’s right or wrong, what’s usual or not, what’s probable or not. ‘There’s a voice, that doesn’t use words. Listen.’ Listen to your inner voice, use your intuition instead of your mind to create new ways of thinking – new for you. Let it flow. And you will be surprised how cool it is, because new ways of thinking offer new ways of acting, new opportunities. Neuroplasticity is a science about the lasting change of the brain throughout an individual’s life. Emotions, environmental stimuli and thoughts may cause neuroplastic change. This means also every kind of new thought may change your brain, because it expands the neuronal network of your brain. Yes even an adult-brain is not ‘finished’, but it can change each day. If you want to learn more about neuroplasticity this book by Sharon Begley is great: ‘Train your mind, change your brain : how a new science reveals our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves.’ The german version is called: ‘Neue Gedanken – neues Gehirn : die Wissenschaft der Neuroplastizität beweist, wie unser Bewusstsein das Gehirn verändert.’

My Style: Rose Petals

My style – OOTD: My look: Rose Petals. Pink is the new punk, so I’m wearing as much pink as possible! 🙂 Yes, I especially love the light shades of pink. Today I combine lots of trends like pink denim pants by Zara, a beautiful silk slip dress with lace and an oversize velvet sweater. My accessories are all silver like these awesome block heel booties and a lace choker necklace both by Zara. My old pink glass earrings add more glam to my today’s outfit. Wishing you a wonderful december start. The time of xmas wishes, warm tea, white snowflakes, scented candles, delicious cake and cookies and the most important thing: LOVE. So be always kind and spread much love. But remember: People pleasing hides the real you. Be real!

Cold Metallic Glitter Glam


Cold Metallic Glitter Glam. Baby, it’s getting cold outside. 🙂 And holiday season is coming soon! So time to watch out for some stunning metallic glitter glam pieces! Here are some of my favorites like these two sexy glitter dresses by Saint Laurent, which make you look like a vamp. The first one with black sequins, long sleeves and an asymmetric hem and the other is a one-shoulder version and cut for a curve-enhancing close fit from wool-crepe and enveloped in scores of luminous silver sequins, creating a cool liquid metal finish. Then you have these awesome slip dresses by Halston Heritage – a short version in gun metal lamé and a long gown in liquid silver satin for an innocent but sexy look. To make it even more glamorous just put a silver leather biker jacket by Saint Laurent over it. Glam high heels like these by Jimmy Choo whith glitter that graduates from black to silver are gorge but cool biker boots will change this look into a glam rock femme fatale. Don’t forget a futuristic small bag or clutch and a breath-taking attitude, because you will be the eye-candy on the party.

Pictures/Shop it: Halston Heritage Asymmetric satin gown, Halston Heritage Lamé midi dress, Saint Laurent Perfecto metallic textured-leather biker jacket,
Adam Lippes Ruffled plissé silk-blend lamé gown, Saint Laurent One-shoulder sequined wool-crepe mini dress, Saint Laurent Sequined silk-satin mini dress, Lee Savage Space printed leather and gunmetal-tone clutch, Jimmy Choo Romy dégradé glittered leather pumps.

Popeye Green Lace and Spring Rose Tweed – Me Modeling ss17

Popeye Green Lace and Spring Rose Tweed – Me Modeling ss17. Today I will do my model and style consultant job for Riani. I prepare myself by reading everything about the spring summer 2017 collection by Riani. Japanese Crèpe, lace and tweed are some of the trend fabriques. Racing Stripes, winter flowers and japanese cherry blossoms are some of the designs. Peacock blue, popeye green, spring rose, parrot, panna, sparrow and san marco are some of the new spring summer 2017 colors of this collection. Here you see two of the looks I’m wearing today – quick changing room pic – a popeye green stunning lace dress with racing stripes belt and a cute tweed mini dress in spring rose and parrot. This event is called ‘xmas greetings by Riani’ and a beautiful pink decorated xmas tree and nice people make my day. Love my job!

My Style: Are You A Good Girl Or A Bad Girl?

My style – OOTD: My look: Are You A Good Girl Or A Bad Girl? So uhmmm I think I am a both of bit. I definitely like to play with fashion and with different roles like hippie boho style, rock girl, pink fairy and more. Today I’m a bad rock girl wearing my destroyed denim highwaist pants, a Rolling Stones shirt by Hennes und Mauritz, a pink red velvet choker and pink lipstick. We all have to be professionel and serious very often. So it’s very important to gain some new power and positive energy during the time far from our work and our obligations. Yes, sometimes you have to freak out a little bit. 🙂 It’s easy with music and dancing. The best thing to heal your soul. So do it! Rock it!

My Style: Velvet Mini Dress

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Velvet Mini Dress. Today is another model day. I will present some cool autumn winter 2016 designer fashion in a beautiful store where you also can buy designer decoration, candles and flowers. I wear my new cool wide velvet mini dress by Zara and combine it with my beloved rose gold Swarovski crystal necklace with Virgin Mary pendant by Cadenzza. My today’s model location is so inspiring, smelling of xmas, stuffed with flowers and scented candles and awesome silver designer decoration. Love my job!

My Style: Dschungle Camouflage

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Dschungle Camouflage. I try to do workout as often as possible ’cause I really love it! Today I’m wearing dschungle camouflage all over. It’s a dance workout and these pants are comfy and elastic. I’m the first in the gym room today. 🙂 Hope you like my look as much as I and also Reebok Women do! 🙂 Have a great night!

November Day in Duesseldorf

November Day in Duesseldorf. I’m at my mum’s home and today we will spend a day in Düsseldorf. November often is dark and the trees loose their leaves. So I love to watch colorful beautiful things like designer shopwindows, pink block heels, old statues, cool architecture and beautiful xmas decoration. I took many pictures. Here are some of them showing shopwindows by Gucci, Prada and Dior, an 100 year old beautiful statue of a woman, delicious men made of white bread – one of my favorites during my childhood – xmas decoration and beautiful details of a thai restaurant, where my mum and I had our lunch. Hope you enjoy my photography.

My Style: Peach and Gold

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Peach and Gold. Spending these days at my mum’s home I’m missing workout and dance classes very much. So I decide to do some workout at the gym my mum goes. I’m wearing some cool athletic leggings with some shorts over it in black and gold by Hennes and Mauritz. The peach colored fitness top and my beloved golden dance sneakers with turning point by Reebok finish my today’s workout look. This is definitely and actually my favorite workout style! Hope you like it as much as I and Reebok Women do! 🙂

My Style: Fée Dragée

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Fée Dragée. I was born in cologne in germany where carnival is as important for the people living there as the ‘Oktoberfest’ for the bavarian people living in the south of germany. During my childhood I really loved to celebrate carnival in cologne! Now I live in munich in the south of germany and for the last many many years I never felt like going back to cologne to celebrate carnival again. The 11th of november officially is the start of the carnival season in cologne. But the big party is in february. My mum told me that she is invited to celebrate the start of this year’s carnival season on the 11th of november exactly the time I decided to visit my mum. So I decided to go there too. There’s no party without a costume! As a child my costumes for carnival always have been more masculine like clown, american indian, cat and more. I looked at the cute pink fairy wand for putting powder sugar on cakes in a cute way, a present my little sister made me for birthday this year. And there it is! My idea for a carnival costume! Fée Dragée, which means Sugar Plum Fairy, a role in the ballet ‘Nutcracker Suite’ by Tschaikowsky, one of my favorite ballet stories and a piano piece I always loved to play on my own! I bought a pink tulle midi skirt by Zara just about one month ago. That is a cool mean part of my costume. I combined it with a light pink cut-out shirt by Tally Weijl and white stockings. I put some pink candies on a pink necklace and also on my white Nike sneakers. A huge pink yellow sugar bar made the pendant of my sweets necklace. To look completely different I wear a pink straight long hair wig and a diadem on top, typical for Fée Dragée. My make-up is a bit more pink and shiny as usual and is decorated with some silver glitter. I love it!! 🙂 Carnival wasn’t that funny than I expected because it’s better to celebrate it in february when everybody does it in cologne. But anyways – I loved my different look! Good night, lovelies! It’s bedtime!

My Style: Cute But Sexy

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Cute But Sexy. Today it’s a cool day, because I will take my flight to Düsseldorf in the north-west of germany to spend some days with my mum. I wear a comfy pink knitwear mini skirt by Zara, a cool black lace-up top and a black knitwear jacket wide and short with huge buttons. I combine my today’s outfit with a beautiful boho necklace in gold and pink, my Zara boots and my new sexy black lace-up stockings with small bows on the back side of each leg by Calzedonia. Love them! Now I enjoy my flight and the great view. Have a great day lovelies!

Ruffle Love


Yes! Ruffles, Ruffles everywhere! Silk-crepon ruffles, cascading ruffles, romantic ruffles, ruffles at blouses, gowns, sweaters and skirts. You can’t miss them. All the designers love these beautiful details for fall winter 2016 like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloé, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Gucci and others. Everyone thinks of romantic style hearing the word ‘ruffle’. But as you can see in my small fashion collage of my favorites you also find edgy, grung and punk 90s inspired ruffle variations combined with biker boots or laid-back oversize sweater shapes. High closed necklines with loose bows as seen on this black look by Chloé reminds of ancient victorian times and gothic chic. I love how you can play with ruffles!

Pictures/Shop it: Gucci runway look, Valentino runway look, Chanel runway look, Louis Vuitton runway look, Chloé runway look, Stella McCartney runway look