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My Style: Glitter Skulls

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Glitter Skulls. It’s time for workout again! I love to move with cool music! I’m wearing my beloved glitter skull leggings, a grey skinny tank top and my cool and comfy black Reebok dance sneakers. Today I think to myself: If you believe in yourself you can make everything! I’m very happy to see that Reebok Women loves my today’s workout style! So cool!

Fall Winter 2016 Shopwindow Inspiration

It’s weekend and the autumn sun shines. So I have a walk outside in the city. On my way I have a look at all the cool designer shopwindows. Of course I take pictures! So you won’t miss anything. A lot of looks are combined with black boots. Heavy fabrics like velvet, winter knitwear and tweed dominate the fall winter 2016 styles by Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Hermès and Armani. I really love the fun christmas shopwindow by Jimmy Choo! So cool! Hope you like my photos I made for you! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!

Don’t lose your fire!

Yes really! Don’t lose your fire! Everyone comes to this earth with a fire inside, a fire to watch the world, the nature, the people. A fire to learn something new, a fire to do something great! Never forget that! Only you yourself can lighten this fire again! No one else! Try to be as curious and positive like a child again with all the experience you got over the years living on this planet. If you do that, everything can happen. You can make it! For that you first need to love yourself and then spread a lot of love around the people you know or meet. On this way try to think new as often as possible and take the liberty to make mistakes. Sometimes this is the only way to think and to create something new. Do everything you do as good as you can with all your passion. Take it slow, but stay focussed and never give up! Yes, that’s all! The secret to be happy.

Love What You Have!

Coming back from my today’s workout the sun is shining on me and I think to myself: When you love what you have, you have everything you need. Yes, be happy about your life, your health, your love and all the small things like the sunshine, the beauty of nature, a smile of a person you meet, a good meal and much more. If you think like that, you have everything you need. Happiness comes from within. Try to give as much of your happiness back to others. Love your life! Have a great day!

Halloween Inspiration

Yes it’s halloween weekend! You need some last-minute inspiration for party, decoration, food or beauty? Here they are my halloween favorites! I collected some of the coolest halloween ideas in pinterest. Just click on my halloween collage to see them all. 🙂 These cute pumpkins I found on a german market today! And this stunning chandelier also seen today reminds me of some scary old movies …. UUUUUhhhhhh …. Yes it doesn’t mind if you don’t believe in ghosts, because they don’t believe in you either! 🙂 Have a funny scary weekend lovelies! 🙂

click here to get some halloween inspiration!

My Style: White Dr. Martens

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: White Dr. Martens. Oh yeah! I loveeee my new white paint leather boots by Dr. Martens! So 90s! So cool! What’s really new about them? The color is fresh and worn with cool white pants or skirts with pleats and some fish net stockings they loose a bit of this mean grunge image and gain more glam! Real Glam Punk! Simply gorgeous! Locking on my cute handmade skull pillow and reading my beloved Glamour magazine this night I feel november is coming. Good night lovelies!

Pink Winter Dress – Me Modeling aw16

Pink Winter Dress – Me Modeling aw16. Yeah today is a special day! During the day I do some more model and style consultant job for Laurèl. Here you see me wearing one of the autumn winter 2016 looks I present – a pink winte dress. And tonight I watch the famous german soccer club FC Bayern München playing live in the Allianz Arena in Munich. The most exciting thing is – I watch this game in a vip box with delicious food. So cool! It’s my first time! 😀

My Style: Jesus, Lace and Leaves

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Jesus, Lace and Leaves. Today is family day. Birthday of two family members will be celebrated today. So I want to look fresh and glam. I’m dressed in eggshell color all over. I wear my pure wool pencil skirt, a cute a-line lace top, a knitwear jacket with sequins and suede leather ankle booties. My Mario Valentino leather bag, my silk scarf by Alexander McQueen and my new pure wool camel coat are putting some more glam to my today’s look. I add some golden jewellery to my outfit like my rosary found in Miami and my cute and glamorous earrings with Jesus and colorful pearls. Love them! Outside there are lots of beautiful colored autumn leaves and the sun is shining bright. What a wonderful autumn day! Wishing you a great sunday, lovelies!

Luxury Knitwear and Boho Dress – Me Modeling aw16

Luxury Knitwear and Boho Dress – Me Modeling aw16. Here you see me wearing one of my autumn winter 2016 looks by Laurèl I present today doing my model and style consultant job. I love the pattern of the light and comfy dress. The luxurious coat with pure wool makes this dress look more precious and perfect for autumn and winter. Biker boots also would be a fabulous match with this outfit. On my way back home I see this beautiful old mermaid statue on a historic german building. I love old architecture! Have a gorgeous weekend!

My Style: Smooth Wool, Ruffles and Cutouts

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Smooth Wool, Ruffles and Cutouts. Today is another model and style consultant day for me. I will present fall winter 2016 by Laurèl. It’s a beautiful and sunny autumn day and I’m full of positive energy. I wear two new cool fashion it pieces I found: This awesome knitwear sweater with ruffles and cutouts and a camel colored pure wool coat. Three trends for fall winter 2016. During my break from modeling I have a delicious dinner in a stylish location. The sun is shining on my table and I’m happy about life.

Personality Captures The Heart

Personality Captures The Heart. Yes really! I’m just cooking and listening to some good music at the same time. I really love to cook and I can’t imagine a life without music. Music really heals my soul, I played piano and I really will start playing piano more often again. I love to dance to great music and being at home I nearly always turn the music on no matter what I’m doing. Today I’m thinking about beauty, the sense of it and the consequences. Physical beauty is something which you got from mother nature. It’s not something you earned. So it’s not something which you can be proud of. The only thing you can do for it is to live healthy, eat healthy, do some workouts, do not smoke or drink lots of alcohol. But this kind of beauty won’t last. You get older and your body will change than everything changes what mother nature created. What really lasts is the beauty which comes from your soul – inner beauty. This kind of beauty you can see in the eyes of a person. You feel it, when a person enters a room. This beauty you’ll never really be able to fake. This kind of beauty you have to earn by of course loving yourself first and loving others. This kind of beauty will grow with each good word you say to others or good things you do for others if it really comes from the heart. ‘Cause these kind of words and actions will not only warm the heart of others but they will also warm your own heart. This will make you happy. Happiness comes from your own kind of thinking and looking at the world. Good words and actions can be created by thinking good stuff, being positive and optimistic. And on the other hand good words and actions will create good thinking again. It’s a positive causal loop. So I post this quote I found today: ‘Beauty Attracts The Eye. But Personality Captures The Heart.’ So true!

My Style: Wild and Athletic

My style – OOTD: My today’s workout look: Wild and Athletic. I try to make workout for three or four times a week if it’s possible. I love dance workouts or step workouts with cool choreos. My white and gold Reebok sneakers are perfect for this kind of workout classes. Today I wear my beloved leo leggings, my black sportswear shorts by Hennes and Mauritz, a simple brown top, a leather band worn as a choker necklace and my cross earrings. Now I’m ready for some cool moves to cool music! 🙂 Wishing you a great evening and night, lovelies!

My Style: Lazy Sunday

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lazy Sunday. Today I’m a bit tired and don’t feel that well. But it’s a very warm and sunny autumn day. So I put on some laid-back clothes like some distressed and ripped denim pants by Zara, a cropped hoody by Tally Weijl in fashionable pink with an indian inspired elephant print and my boots by Zara. These days I love to wear a half bun because it’s comfy and cool. I put on my pink glas earrings and start my walk outside in the city. On my way I find some beautiful designer pieces in the shopwindows like this pink and flower bags by Gucci and Roberto Cavalli and this cute velvet dress bei Saint Laurent. Wishing you a wonderful sunday lovelies!

Pink is the New Punk, Fringes and Blue Ginkgo – Me Modeling aw16

Pink is the New Punk, Fringes and Blue Ginkgo – Me Modeling aw16. Today I do another model and style consultant job for Laurèl. Here are three of my autumn winter 2016 looks I present to inspire. I really loveee the pink pure wool coat! The other coat with a cool blue ginkgo pattern is modern and asian inspired. The midi skirt with fringes definitely is a highlight of this collection! During my break I have delicious pasta in a cool italian restaurant with beautiful interior design. Have a great weekend!

My Style: Eggshell and Velvet

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Eggshell and Velvet. Today I will do another model and style consultant job for Laurèl. It’s a sunny autumn day so I’ve got the mood to wear something fresh. I combine my pure wool eggshell colored pencil skirt by Hallhuber with one of my beloved velvet tops by Zara and a cute knitwear jacket with beautiful embroderies. My suede ankle wedges boots and my antique amethyst cross pendant necklace complete my today’s look. Hope you like it. My new white leather bracelet with golden glitter detail by Michael Kors is one of the beautiful birthday presents my best friend made to me. 🙂 I found a great quote which says exactly what I’m thinking about work. Hope you like that too!