Layering With Lace Underskirt and Glitter Leggings Meets Adidas Originals

These days it always takes a wee bit longer to choose what I will wear. Summer is over, but it’s too warm to wear real autumn looks. The best to do is Layering. I just wear some fashion pieces on top of each other which are not too heavy. That will keep me warm without starting to work up a sweat. 🙂 And the best thing is, it’s so trendy and cool! A Layering with a light black underskirt with lace details at the border on top of a glitter leggings is my today’s fun choice. I love to play with fashion! …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

On top I wear an off-white colored sweater by Zara with enchanting lace details at the back. I really love this beautiful black underskirt by Hennes and Mauritz because you can combine it with nearly everything worn under or on top. My cute black and silver glitter socks and my Adidas Originals complete my cool Athleisure Glam Mix. As I told you in my last post these days I never go without my antique golden necklaces with cross and crystal pendants and my hoops earrings which add the right 90s mood to my today’s casual and cool look. Why not wearing more than a pair of these gorgeous huge hoops?

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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