Bohemian Wild Romance

It’s september now. The official beginning of autumn. It’s my birthday month, so why should I be sad that summer is over? But I always feel a wee bit melancholic in fall. It gets colder from day to day, the days are getting shorter. It smells like leaves colorfully decorating the ground and streets. Birds stop singing and a special kind of peaceful silence covers the fresh and joyful summer vibes. This is just the right time for a bohemian wild romance style …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

My black dress by Hennes and Mauritz with beautiful gather details feels light, feminine and uncomplicated. My beloved off-white colored lace tunic by Charlotte Russe shows the dress but makes it look more romantic and precious. This tunic just adds the right amount of princess style to my today’s outfit. My off-white westernboots, which I bought so many years ago that I’m not able to read the label anymore, are comfy and a real must-have piece this season. They turn my princess look into a wild romance september love. These days I never go without my antique golden necklaces with cross and crystal pendants and my hoops earrings, the biggest hoops I could find. Wishing you a gorgeous start into september!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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