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Come back of the 70s’ flared jeans


I’m so happy about the big fashion come back of the 70s’ inspired flared jeans! Now I just put them out of my closet. Yes, I didn’t throw them away – also in times when anybody has worn something else than skiny jeans and leggings. Because I knew that these sexy pants which flatter every single woman will have their come back. You can style your flared jeans elegant or casual. You can get them with light washed out or dark classy denim. With plateau sandels and wedges they make you look much taller and thinner than any other pants. Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Hudson or Penelope Cruz really look gorgeous in their flared pants and each of these beautiful women look different. High waisted flared pants are the most fashionable. Designers like Marc Jacobs or Jeans labels like J Brand have rediscovered and redesigned this 70s’ trend. Flared Jeans will make your legs look like they will never end. Sexy with long legs in great shape. What else do you want?

Pictures: J Brand lovestory,, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz:,, Charlie’s Angels:

Green and violet


Love my new Yves Saint Laurent long lasting nail polish La Laque ultra violet. This color is elegant, vibrant and mystic at once. Suddenly I discovered this cool eccentric green ring by H & M which matches great with ultra violet. Now both strong colors appear even stronger. Green and violet – an awesome match! Reminds me of the deep sea.

Picture/Shop the Yves Saint Laurent nail polish:

Aloha and welcome to paradise

The summer nail polish by Dior enchants with its tropical names ‘Aloha’ and ‘Paradise’. These vibrant hibiscus colors make me feel like paradise and put me in a tropical mood. Now I just put a bikini or summer dress on and a lei, my hawaii flower garland.

Picture: dior nailpolish:

Garden look

garden look with fruits and flowers

The fashionable garden look is so fruity and delicious! Key piece of this summer look is the lemon and orange dress by Stella McCartney. If you aren’t able to afford this luxurious piece you can get the beautiful flower mini dress by zara which also will make you look like a garden princess. Various accessories, like the lemon purse by Hermès or Marc Jacobs flower scarf, the yellow flower hairclip or headband by asos or at least the awesome flower ring by lola rose will make this look complete. Go for nature!

Pictures/Shop the garden look:,, HERMES purse:, lola rose ring:, Marc Jacobs scarf:, zara dress

70s retro denim dress by nolita


This summer season I love denim, especially denim all over. Nolita presents a 70s retro denim dress with beautiful braided carrier. You can wear it with another denim piece like this Nolita vest or with a simple but vibrant coloured T-shirt for example in pink like this great shoes. This look is casual and cool. Love it!









Gorgeous yellow necklace

flea market

I’ve found this beautiful yellow necklace at a flea market. With its neon color it’s vintage-, hippie- and 60s style all in one! It also matches great with the color blocking look! Love it!

Luxurious Lips with The Boys Lip Gloss Set by NARS

NARS The Boys Lip Gloss Set

This set of four Lip Glosses of signature NARS shades makes your lips look more luscious with dazzling shimmer and shine.

This set contains Lip Gloss in Moon Fleet (clear with silver and gold flecks), Easy Lover (sheer hot pink), Turkish Delight (pink sorbet), and Sweet Revenge (sheer pink grapefruit).

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