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Bag to love ♥

You’re looking for a bag to love? I found some very new arrivals of designer bags I fall in love with. Even a pair of shoes will have room in that big nude multy leather bag by Yves Saint Laurent. Probably you won’t find any of the lot of stuff what you’ve put in your huge bag. The ukita textured-leather shoulder bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs is a perfect match with urban oder 70s inspired wardrobe. I love the funny bag by Tosca Blue. Just put a bikini and a beach towel in it on sunny days and you’ll be in a good mood. At the evening choose one of the clutches, the cool and rocky version by Stella McCartney, the purple one by miu miu perhaps to do some color blocking or the bronze metallic snake-effect PVC clutch by Marc by Marc Jacobs to go party. The animal print clutch by miu miu is a trendy addition to your black or red wardrobe. I really love the Morgan Hobo bag by Alexander Wang because it’s pure, sporty, elegant and fashionable at the same time.

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Innocent as n angel but sexy as hell

White is pure, bright, positive, modern but timeless, neutral but accentuated. These white clothes I’ve been chosen for u will make u look innocent like an angel but sexy as hell. I love this very special and gorgeous Ostrich feather-embellished cotton skirt by Jason Wu simply combined with a jersey tank by T by Alexander Wang. I think the Cherokee necklace by Bing Bang with different feather and stone pendants will make the look. Go as white hippie with the lace-up slim pants by Emilio Pucci with gold toned eyelets and lace-up white leather self-tie string at waist and the crochet vest by UNIQLO. A white blouse with volants and a plungin neckline will also look awesome with these two pieces. Or try the little bit more elegant outfit with lace skirt by Imitation, a white modal and silk-blended tank by Kain and the cool earrings with fringes by asos. Dressed white you can be everything – angel or devil – an nobody will know.

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Looking like a jewel

Wow, how I love this color! GUCCI’s new winter collection is awesome. An emerald green dress like a jewel. The python mary janes “huston” in the same color look so lovely with this gorgeous dress. In the winter season you will see a lot of mary janes which are a part of the 40s style, one must have next season. The python leather skirt with the beautiful fur scarf really is a ray of hope knowing automn will come soon also this year. I think the two-tone snake ring by BCBGMAXAZRIA is a great match.

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Cool 70s floppy hats are back

With the 70s revival all the cude floppy hats are back this and also next summer 2012. Made of straw, felt or textile they are girlish, romantic or cool and sophisticated. Even in winter season you will see them made of felt mostly in dark colors. As you can see on my polas I tried them too. Like them. Cool match with my flared jeans. I think floppy hats look best with long hair. So start let your hair grow for next seasons floppy felt hats.

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Gold rush

Since the beginning of time gold fascinates us. Pirates kill for it, women adore it. Gold symbolised divinity in ancient times. The sun-colored metal represented the contradictory qualities of heroism, power, wealth, divinity and purity simultaneously. Even if it isn’t real gold, it makes you look precious. The mystic color always seems to be of value. If the jewelry however is made of the real noble metal, its power will strengthen the one who wears it with pride. The hammered gold-plated necklace by Etro is a very special key piece of this season. I’m personally completely into this chaine-fringe necklace by BCBGMAXAZRIA. Stella McCartney’s coin pendant necklace is something you also will wear with casual clothes. Eddie Borgo’s golden bracelet reminds me of the sun and the beveled ring by BCBGMAXAZRIA is a gorgeous mixture of purity and quality. Gold enlightens your soul.

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Like the ocean

In the summer time I love everything that reminds me of the ocean. So I put some turquoise eye shadow by artdeco on. The color of the liner is even stronger. Use different turquoise and blue tones, then you’ll create the blaze of color of the ocean. Elegantly embellished with moonstones, Isharya’s 18-karat gold-plated earrings are a luxe summer style. With the green earrings like my own or these gorgeous luxurious ones by Isharya you get this bohemian appeal.

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Casual beach look

I found this stunning shell necklace designed by Malene Birger knowing that these three other things you’ll really need to have to create this casual but modern and precious beach look: Love the shape of these J Brand hotpants and the special Ethereal embellished silk-crepe top by Leaves of Grass. At least you need some beautiful flats as these Metallic leather T-bar sandals by Musa. With a bikini underneath just go to the beach now, linger at the seafront, watch the sunset and look great.

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I’m completely into flowers

Yes, probably it’s just because of the warm summer breeze, the bright colors of nature and the sunlight which fullfills me with power and positive thoughts. Actually I love to wear flowers in my braided hair – sometimes a flower hair clip or real flowers. Flowers remind me of being part of the nature, going back to basics, be happy about small things like these colorful presents of nature. They clean my mind, no chance to feel blue anymore. On the other hand flowers have this mystic vintage touch because they’ve already existed long before these days, long before times of web and twitter. Sometimes I feel like a woman who isn’t part of this century, but part of a preceding one. Such as my handwriting. I love contrasts – in me – in time. Being melancholic and romantic and at the same time interested in everything new. Love to combine vintage materials like lace as this vest by Gentlefawn with modern stuff like a cool casual rose colored shorts. The contrast between flowers as part of life and skulls as part of death has something inspiring. I’ve made this skull necklace on my own some years ago. This skull has something friendly anyway. Contrasts make things less serious and more exciting.

Messy hippie with noble sunglasses

Love this down-to-earth hippie style seen on many stars known as festival look this summer. Put my Denim hotpants, an original Ibiza Shirt and my leather vest with fringes on. Cause this messy hairstyle is fashionable these days and I love it anyway, I don’t need any make up, nor a brush, but a hair tie. At least I throw over my beloved unique necklaces. Both I found in Miami during my last trip. I bought this big rosary in Little Haiti for my big collection of antique and unique rosaries from everywhere. The other necklace is handcrafted by an older woman who I met on Espanola Way in South Beach one evening. As I love to be in style however I put on my new Givenchy sunglasses to make this look a little bit more noble and for a whiff of change in style.

Hottest denim piece ever: The legendary denim jacket

They are back! One of the legendary denim jackets really is a must have in your closet! Wear your beloved old one or afford one of the three hottest denim pieces this season by Fornarina, Liu Jo or 7 for all Mankind. With its stunning tailored shape, light lace on the revers, accentuated shoulders and zippers the short Leena Fornarina denim jacket is my absolute favorite! Sexy, girlish and romantic at the same time.

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Flashy neon goes romantic

Christopher Kane designed a really unique leather clutch which combines very different styles! The noble calf leather is laser-cut so that it gets this romantic lace look with its floral pattern. For surprise you won’t get it in nude, white or black, but in gorgeous flashy neon-orange, -yellow, -pink or -green! Wow! Every simple dress or outfit will be upgraded to cool with a hint of 80s neo-punk.

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Black lace and skull necklace

I found this awesome necklace in a tatoo shop in Key West. This handcrafted piece is designed by Karyn Cantor for Classic Hardware. Her love of vintage fashions mixed with a strong post-industrial aesthetic is further influenced by art nouveau and dadaism. The necklace itself reminds me of a rosary, which I love so much. And the skull pendant has so many lovely details like yellow red roses and violet flowers. Even the skull is drawn very detailed by Karyn Cantor. You also find a slogan directly below the skull “I lived, I loved, I was loved and I died.” Love it! Together with my black lace bolero it’s a victorian noble but mystic look. And lace anyway is one of my favorite materials which also is a must have this and next season.

Take a look at other products by Karyn Cantor for Classic Hardware.

Halston Heritage the revival of the legendary Studio 54 style


Halston Heritage is a terrific revival of the legendary american star designer Roy Halston who’s luxury label Halston created gorgeous and feminine dresses in the mid 70s. Stars like Bianca Jagger, Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor and Jackie O loved his style with the unique Studio 54 flair. There hasn’t only existed the flower power era but also the glamourous pure and noble 70s. Halston Heritage is an update version of Halstons’ great work. Wearing one of these dresses will make me look and also feel like a goddess like Sarah Jessica Parker has demonstrated in Sex and the City. Only need one of these extraordinary Heritage clutches and I will smell the air of Studio 54 disco parties, chilling, dancing and sipping cocktails. For me a new era of elegant luxurious 70s style hast started.

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Sweet & hot stars


British cupcake expert Molly Bakes started baking just for fun as she remembered a secret cupcake recipe in her mother’s cake book. Her friends loved her creations and quickly Molly Bakes became the baking name to watch in East London. You adore fashionistas like Karl Lagerfeld, Andre Leon Talley or Anna Wintour? Do you think Lady Gaga or Katy Perry are so delicious you want to nibble and taste them? Molly Bakes cupcakes are so hot, funny and unique! You must love them!

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Swallow, frog and dragonfly

Pimp your garden look with beautiful jewelry. Insects and birds decorate necklaces, bracelets and more. For an elf look there are filigree pieces like the “small drangonfly” earrings and the “sunny swallow” bracelet by jewelberry or the swallow ring by juicy couture. If I wanna look more flashy I choose the frog ring by Thomas Sabo or the beetle necklace by friis & company. Kiss the frog and see what will happen.

Pictures/Shop the look: Thomas Sabo frog ring, jewelberry bracelet, jewelberry earrings, friis & company beetle necklace, asos Juicy Couture ring