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I ♡ that fluff stuff!


Today it’s a great honor to me to write my new blog post about the awesome and ultra sassy line fluff created by the sweet artist Claudette Barjoud, because I really fell in love with these beautiful 1950’s inspired vintage Pinup girls which are sexy, glamourous and cute at one time! You remember that I love the opposites. For this reason the Hula Exotica Limited Edition Print really is a must and my personal favorite! You discover a cute hula girl with mystic colors, a skull and a tiki on it. Gorgeous! Love it! There are so many cuties! Hard to choose. My favorite product lines are the ‘Hula Cuties’, ‘She Devil’ (here I choose a mirror; really sexy!) and ‘Lady Leopard’ (I choose this Pill Box and a Luggage Tag). fluffshop offers a lot of unique, small and cute christmas presents as the litte Kimono Cutie or Skull Discut Coin Purses. Other cuties like Molly Mermaid or Suzy Sailor show how much love, fun and talent Claudette Barjoud puts in her artwork. I know that you’re completely into this cuties before this blog post comes to its end. 😉 If you live in the United States you have a big advantage in contrast to me living in Germany. Miss Fluff is distributed all over the United States and also in France and the UK. Oooooooh I’m in love with this pink hula cutie. 🙂




Pictures/Shop it: fluffshop by Claudette Barjoud:

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Catch a glimpse into the princess closet ♕

Hey don’t be shy! Catch a glimpse into the princess closet and discover beautiful and romantic things! I took a look and now I’m in love with the gorgeous dress by Alberta Ferretti. Also the less expensive variation by H&M is a cude one. As you know that I love contrasts and its tension I combine some cool textured-leather biker boots by Jimmy Choo with this lovely dress, a rough chunky knit jacket or coat and one of the awesome hair-bands by Dauphines of New York. Wearing all this princess stuff with an edgy touch I get in the right mood to put my thoughts on paper and write them down into these cude notebooks by Cartes d’Arts Karine Lamouroux.

♕ Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. ♕

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Pictures/Shop it: Alberta Ferretti look Automn/Winter 2011:, Jimmy Choo textured-leather biker boots:, Tom Binns necklace:, Dauphines of New York The Directrice hair-band:, Dauphines of New York Band of Gold hair-band:, Nina Ricci hairstyle:, H&M Dress:, notebooks Karine Lamouroux girl with red hair: and girl with black hair:

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70s boots – Go for it!

Get into a retro mood with some of these awesome 70s-inspired boots! Colors like deep burgundy, tobacco, cranberry, cognac or light ocher are some of the spicy and typical shades of color of this fashion era. The sexiest women like Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett, Stephanie Powers, Pamela Sue Martin, Mariette Hartley and orthers wore these sophisticated leather knee boots with platform and stack-heel. Wear them over skinny pants or with the new-season midi lengths. Combine them with clothes in deep chocolate, cream, tan, or other spicy shades and feel like one of Charlie’s Angels.

Pictures/Shop it: Christian Louboutin Vicky 120 leather knee boots:, Marc by Marc Jacobs Corduroy-effect suede and leather boots:, Yves Saint Laurent New Chyc leather knee boots:, Chloé Textured-leather knee boots:, Marc by Marc Jacobs High Heel Tall Boots:

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Red – Hot & spicy like chillies

You don’t have to see red, but wear the new hot and spicy trend RED! No other color is more sexy, hot, powerful and feminine than red. Colors which remind of spices are one of the fashion trends of the season. Put some red dress on, some red nail polish for example the one called Pirate by Chanel, turn some Red Hot Chilie Peppers music on and start to get hot! To be a red vamp means to be the center of attention. Enjoy it!

When in doubt wear red.
(Bill Blass)

Pictures/Shop it: Vionnet:, Michael Kors:, Gucci:,, Christian Louboutin:, Miu Miu:, L’wren Scott:, Ralph Lauren:, Oscar de la Renta:

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Peace ☮, Love ❤ and Sunshine ☼

Formentera, an island next to Ibiza really has brought me back to my roots. It has enchanted me. Its special colors of orange colored rocks and the caribean turquois colored ocean and its peaceful calmness let me become part of nature. Just as at that time as I was a child I loved to wear nothing but beaded necklaces and bracelets in all colors, dicovered the sea and the rocks with its burrows. Found lovers under a rock spur made of plants and findings of the sea and the beach. I collected stones, shells and wood smelling nothing but the nature, being aware that I never will need anything more.
I love the typical hippie shops where I bought all this beautiful and cool stuff like a flower hair-band, colorful skull jewelry, a braided leather bag and two cude lace skirts. Of course I brought some new regional rosaries with me. I collect them from all over the world since my childhood.

Leaving Formentera I’ve been seen the oldest hippie of this island with his daughter for the last time sitting in the sand playing chess. This older man has nothing more than his daughter, an old car as his sleeping place and the rocks on the beach to become part of the nature each day a little bit more. Making these colorful handcraftet beaded jewelry he gives back something of his special enchanting power and joy the nature of Formentera has given him. He just has this peace, love and inner sunshine I now will try to keep with me.

Hairstyles 2012 I ♥ most

For me these are the hottest hairstyle trends fall/winter 2011-2012 and spring 2012. I really love the braided hair by Y3 or Armani! The hair trends by Chanel, Nina Ricci and Lela Rose are gorgeous because they are fashionable, vintage and a little bit undone and edgy at the same time. And last but not least look at these awesome and elegant hair styles by Gucci, Versace and Christian Dior which are the best addition to a clean style or a stunning evening gown. I will try them all!

Pictures/Shop it: Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Hairstyle Trends:, Best Fashion Week Spring 2012 Hairstyles:, Spring 2012 Updo Hair Trends


I really get a colorflash looking at all these flashy fashion stuff! Yeah and I love it! Summer is over. But there’s really no reason to exile all the wonderful colored clothes and accessories into your cellar till next season. Quite the contrary! We adore orange, pink, yellow, green and blue also in fall and winter season! Favorite is orange which reminds me of fresh cocktails and sunset. I feel warm inside and happy even if the days are grey and dark. I’m completely into these earrings and necklace by Tom Binns getting this ancient precious look of a colorprincess.

Pictures/Shop it: Tom Binns Fauve hand-painted Swarovski crystal necklace:, Tom Binns Fauve hand-painted Swarovski crystal drop earrings:,, Brian Atwood Maniac calf hair platform pumps:, Chloé Suede midi skirt:, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC clutch:, Essie nailpolish Meet me at sunset:

Black Pearl & Blood: My pirate treasure ☠

Sailing through the sea of colors, feeling the wind of silk on my skin I sense summer is over. There’s no doubt that I’ve won the battle against blackbeard. Now I’ve reached the port of automn knowing my Black Pearl finally is save. Being a real smart pirate bride I come home with a huge and precious treasure. I’ve found the most intensive and luxurious colors I’ve ever seen: pirate blood-red, silver-green black pearl, metallic grey-green quartz and imperial rum-brown.

Chanel nail polish:
Chanel nailpolish colors: 525 Quartz, 469 Imperial, 513 Black Pearl, 08 Pirate

Lion & Tiger: Awesome necklaces for awesome women

Searching for a very special necklace which will upgrade every look I found some gorgeous ones! The extravagant silver necklace midnight tiger by Gabriele Frantzen is cool and sophisticated at the same time. It has a lot of multi-row chains and pearls in black and silver and I love the tiger pendant because I love tigers generally. Another highlight absolutely is the gold necklace chunky lion by the same designer! Many golden twisted chains decorate this stunning piece of jewelry and the lion pendant is amazing. The beautiful enamel petal necklace by Juicy Couture is very special because its character of ancient times. I really love the color match of old gold and light turquois. The contrast between modern and ancient style is arranged by the combination of a massive black chain and more filigree old gold chains and a huge rhinestone brooch in the middle of this modern necklace by Lulu Frost. Wearing one of these necklaces you will be in the center of attention on each party. For sure!

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.
(Salvador Dali)

Pictures/Shop it: Gabriele Frantzen Silver necklace midnight tiger:
Gabriele Frantzen Gold necklace chunky lion:
Lulu Frost:, Juicy Couture Enamel petal necklace:

Shoes really make me high

I really adore shoes! They make me high, feeling good! Especially all kinds of highheels. Wearing highheels means to walk in an elegant and feminine manner. They give u sexiness, coolness, pride and the longest legs u can have. They upgrade every outfit and of course your body. With the right highheels u will get the special look u want to create. I can’t live without them!

Pictures/Shop it: Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Burak Uyan, Chloé, Miu Miu, Michael Kors Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler

Black for the dark side in me

On some days I’m not able to see or to feel colors. I don’t wanna wear anything colored. I feel dark, be connected with my dark side and the depth of my soul. Melancholic, deep and intensive emotions arise. Thoughts, various thoughts, sometimes dark thoughts, too many toughts. Then I really need black. Black clothes, black boots like these biker boots with black rivets, black jewelry like this leather necklace both by zara and some mystic nail polish #525 Quartz by Chanel, new season trend.

Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
(Mark Twain)

Snake preview

Today I’ve rummaged in my closet knowing that I forgot something I collected years ago: snakes! snakes in different colors, small snakes, big snakes, so big that I can put them around my neck. Oh my god! I realized that I had to do something! Immediatly!

I grabbed them all and set them free! They really love my garden 🙂 Now I will care for them. Especially because they will be the stars of next season like my vintage snakeskin clutch & bracelet also will. Browsing through various collections I’ve found some more gorgeous snake trend pieces like the Jimmy Choo Folly suede and snakeskin wedges, the Blumarine bangle snake, the snake ring by BCBGMAXAZRIA and the mamba bracelet by Aurélie Bidermann. One of the key pieces of this trend really is the runway look by Chloé. Now I will go into my snake garden.

Pictures/Shop it: BCBGMAXAZRIA snake ring: Blumarine bangle snake:, Jimmy Choo Folly suede and snakeskin wedge sandals:, Chloé runway look:, Aurélie Bidermann mamba bracelet:

Yellow like the sun ☼

Yellow is one of my favorite colors! Powerful and positive it enlightens the soul and makes you feel like being in the sun even if it rains. As one of the trend colors in summer yellow will remain in the colder season like this cigarette pants by Joseph. My bright yellow top and skirt by zara matches well with this brown braided leather belt. The two necklaces I’m wearing you can’t buy. One you probably recognize. I wrote about it in one of my last blogs. I’ve found it in Espanola Way in Miami Beach during some of my Florida trips. It’s handcrafted by an older woman, who put some different pendants on this yellow leather band. The other one is a skull porcelain pendant from Mexiko I’ve beaded on one of my gold necklaces. Sometimes I love to wear yellow all over. So I put on some yellow nailpolish No 545 by ARTDECO. Love this 70s inspired Vintage tee with Donna Summer graphic on the front by Free People and of course the gorgeous sequin-embellished neon bag by Miu Miu! With this sunny outfit the sun won’t dare to go. 🙂

Pictures/Shop it: cigarette pants by Joseph:, Donna Summer Tee by Free People:, Miu Miu neon bag:

Hot pants for hot days

In Germany we have the last hot summer days now. I don’t want the summer to be over. So I’ve collected the hottest hotpants in all colors and enjoy the shafts of sunlight sitting in a sunny cornfield. I especially love the denim hotpants with stripes by runwaydreamsz or topshop and the sparkle stud hotpants also by topshop. To get some color before automn will begin I put some colored hotpants by J Brand or Alice + Olivia on. Full of energy by nature, heat and colors automn may come.

Pictures/Shop it:, topshop: flagprint hotpants, moto vintage wash denim sparkle stud hotpants, moto pink denim hotpants,, Alice + Olivia