Personality Captures The Heart. Yes really! I’m just cooking and listening to some good music at the same time. I really love to cook and I can’t imagine a life without music. Music really heals my soul, I played piano and I really will start playing piano more often again.

I love to dance to great music and being at home I nearly always turn the music on no matter what I’m doing. Today I’m thinking about beauty, the sense of it and the consequences. Physical beauty is something which you got from mother nature. It’s not something you earned. So it’s not something which you can be proud of. The only thing you can do for it is to live healthy, eat healthy, do some workouts, do not smoke or drink lots of alcohol. But this kind of beauty won’t last. You get older and your body will change than everything changes what mother nature created. What really lasts is the beauty which comes from your soul – inner beauty. This kind of beauty you can see in the eyes of a person. You feel it, when a person enters a room. This beauty you’ll never really be able to fake. This kind of beauty you have to earn by of course loving yourself first and loving others. This kind of beauty will grow with each good word you say to others or good things you do for others if it really comes from the heart. ‘Cause these kind of words and actions will not only warm the heart of others but they will also warm your own heart. This will make you happy. Happiness comes from your own kind of thinking and looking at the world. Good words and actions can be created by thinking good stuff, being positive and optimistic. And on the other hand good words and actions will create good thinking again. It’s a positive causal loop. So I post this quote I found today: ‘Beauty Attracts The Eye. But Personality Captures The Heart.’ So true!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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