Pleats and Pink

Did I already say, that I loveeee pink? Ha, just kidding. Of course! Pink always is a good choice! It’s a warm summer day in germany and I want to extend the tropical feeling I got in Florida on my vacation this year….

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

So for today I choose this cute pink midi skirt with pleats by Hennes and Mauritz and a beautiful see-through lace off-shoulder blouse by Forever 21. To make it tropical I wear this awesome glam earrings with palm trees and pineapples by Zara and a cool indian inspired bandana scarf as a hair accessory. This rose gold leather belt by Vanzetti and these unique glitter shades add some glam attitude to my outfit. Love it! To make it more fun I wear my beloved cat flats by RIPNDIP. Yes, don’t be too serious! 🙂

My tropical glam feeling got me back! Yeah! Exactly like the feeling I had watching this cool luxurious stretch limousine on a highway to Miami during my vacation in Florida. Which color? Haha! My favorite one! So much fun! I really love pink! A color which gives me good positive vibes and much power. But I have to admit, I love pizza too! 🙂 Hope you like my today’s look! I will go and get me some pizza now. 🙂 Have a great day, lovelies!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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