The Lion in You blog post

Sometimes you feel powerless, tired, uncharismatic, like a limp dishrag. You don’t think that you’re sexy, cool or stunning. Then you have to remember the lion in you! Every woman has the power of a lion! You just have to bring it out! Remember the coolest thing you’ve ever done, the moments you felt strong, overflown with energy, sexy and unique! Yes, that really helps, because you remenber, that it’s possible to feel like that! For example look at Cara Delevingne or other strong personalities. They are strong ’cause they do what they want to, don’t doubt. Nobody can give you the power you desire. You have to do it on your own! Switch your favorite song on, turn it on very loud. Yes, do it right after your breakfast on your way to work and imagine one moment you felt unbeatable! Here are some fashion statement pieces which could probably help to get the powerful lion feeling.




Pictures/Shop it: Alexander McQueen Butterfly-print modal and silk-blend scarf:, Stella McCartney Angry Lion printed cotton-blend jersey T-shirt:, OAK Runner leather tapered pants:, 1991INC Lion sweater:, Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes 120 nappa leather pumps:, Soixante Neuf lion ring:

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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