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Christmas is around the corner lovelies! So it’s really really time to get some awesome xmas presents for all the people you love. I really know that the most of you are so busy that you won’t find any time to relax and think about the perfect gift.

So I browsed umpteen magazines and websites and picked up the prettiest glam and cool things for you! There are glamourous presents which have their price, real luxury. But you’ll also find some real cute, pretty and also fashionable presents which are affordable.

Enjoy lovelies! And don’t forget to take your time to relax and do something good for yourself. There is so much more important than only give some gifts to your lovelies: Love! So spread love as much as you can! 🙂

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
HowToBeInStyle is a fashion, style & beauty blog founded & created by ALESSANDRA, model, lover of photography, art, hippie & retro style, design, tigers & all things beautiful. She loves to share her passion! REAL BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE