Everyone has some xmas wishes, something she would like to get on christmas, but doesn’t dare to say. And there is so much joy in having dreams which probably would come true. Maybe not now but someday. And there is nothing forbidden about having luxurious dreams. So I start dreaming …. of a huge colored tree, full of beautiful christmas tree decorations in all colors, a lot of sweets like gingerbread men, chocolate hearts, cinnamon stars … and of course a lot of very glamourous and lovely things under my dream christmas tree. There is this awesome long Savannah sequined net gown by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, which is enough to make you look like a princess or this beautiful Cotton-blend broderie anglaise and linen skirt by Valentino. This skirt or the Sequined wool sweater by J.Crew only need a black thing more to be completed. Ahhh … and then I see these gorgeous shoes! I’m addicted to highheels you know. So there can’t be anything more glam than these gold lamé-covered suede sandals by Jimmy Choo or these nude Embellished suede and leather slingbacks by Guiseppe Zanotti. So feminine and stylish! Yes sure I need some jewelry to get the perfect glam look. There are so many glitter stuff coming through my mind: I really love jewelry by Sévigné like this 18K ring or necklace with a picture of the Virgin Mary on it or the other whitegold one with the diamond cross pendant. There is also jewelry which isn’t real luxury but beautiful too like these silver earrings with violet colored stones or these stunning slinky stone earrings by accessorize. In my christmas dream last but not least I put the Pyramid Studded Headband by Deepa Gurnani into my long hair, I take a seat under the beautiful tree and eat a chocolate heart, a cinnamon star and again a chocolate heart looking at this cute gingerbread man smiling at me, hoping not to wake up.



Pictures/Shop it: Vivienne Westwood dress: net-a-porter.com, Valentino lace skirt: net-a-porter.com, J.Crew sequined wool sweater: net-a-porter.com, Jimmy Choo sandals: net-a-porter.com, Guiseppe Zanotti slingbacks: net-a-porter.com, Sévigné necklace and ring: sevigne.de, Thomas Sabo earrings: shop.thomassabo.com, Aurélie Bidermann 18-karat rose gold-dipped lace cuff: net-a-porter.com, Deepa Gurnani headband: shopbop.com, accessorize slinky stone earrings: accessorize-usa.com, accessorize faux fur earmuff: accessorize-usa.com

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Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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