You know I need to change style from time to time, sometimes from day to day. I love to play with fashion. It’s summer time and I wear all these bright colorful flashy things. Pink, yellow, green, orange make my day. But colors depend on my daily mood.

So today I love cool, mostly black and understated stuff. Here are my favorites for instant urban-chic: Two cool black leather dresses by Neil Barrett and The Row, absolutely phat shirts by Fame On You which will look awesome with some black leather pants or denim and a loose-knit cotton-blend sweater, which will be understated but fashionable with a maxi skirt and boots. I really adore the accessories and jewelry by Zadig & Voltaire I chose for this urban style. The clutches with stars or skulls in an used look always match great with black leather or denim and will change every elegant piece of fashion into an edgy, gloomy and cool but casual outfit. I love the skull bracelet babylone jonc! To complete the urban look you need some urbanears. I chose the Plattan Quilted with a padded headband and comfortable ear cushions wrapped in an all-over quilted stitching. And restyle your iphone with some stylish Karl profile-print iPhone 4G case by Karl Lagerfeld to pay homage to the designer. Last but not least pimp your Macbook with one of these awesome and funny stickers by Stick with me Baby. Put some creativity and fun on your Mac to express yourself. I love to feel comfortable with style and a cool, sophisticated look. So I love all this all-in-one urban stuff with a hint of trash-meets-chic pieces. It reflects my gamut of emotions and personality traits. So don’t dare to think you know me just because you recognize my look of the moment. It’s just my mood of the moment, one part of me, one sign of my soul.

Pictures/Shop it: The Row Risting ruched leather dress:, Neil Barrett Black Banded Dress With Shoulder Pads:, J Brand Martha loose-knit cotton-blend sweater:, Fame On You shirts:, Zadig & Voltaire Bracelet babylone jonc:, Zadig & Voltaire Small Purse Etoile:, Zadig & Voltaire clutch etoile:, Stick with me baby macbook sticks:, Urbanears Plattan headphones:, Karl Printed iPhone 4G case:,

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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