Victorian Lace, Knitwear Skirt and Pointed Boots

I have a fun holidays dinner this night with the dance class I’m joining for years. So I decide to transform myself into a green modern ballerina although it’s more about hip hop and street dance in my dance class. In my opinion ballet is the basis for each dance style. Green victorian lace will be the key piece of my today’s look …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

I did ballet for 10 years during my late childhood and always loved it. So it’s very easy for me to transform into a ballerina. Of course it’s not a real ballet look, but my bun with glamorous hair accessories in green, my a-line knitwear mini skirt by Zara and my green lace longsleeve all remind me of a ballerina. So of course I try to make some ballet moves for you, which really isn’t easy while taking mirror selfies at the same time. 🙂 Victorian neckline fashion pieces especially made of lace are an absolute must-have this season and I love to feel this victorian mood anyway. This beautiful piece in green by Zara was love at first sight. Hope you like it as much as I do! My cool pointed boots with kitten heels also by Zara make this outfit more modern. So it’s like a nouveau victorian style. Now I’m ready for dinner at a beautiful indian restaurant. The food is really delicious! Have a wonderful evening, lovelies!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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