On december I’ve got something very special for you guys!!

I’ve created and built an advent calendar with all my secret xmas favorites for you: All the beautiful fashion and accessories which will show you How To Be In Style for holidays and on xmas. In cooperation with the lovely Claudette, Miss Fluff Artist and Founder, you can win one of three gorgeous Fluff pre xmas gifts! In three of the 24 advent calendar doors you’ll find a unique and cute fluff gift. Stay tuned! You’ll love them!

How to win a fluff pre xmas gift:

1. You have to retweet the contest tweet on twitter.
The contest tweet will be tweeted by @howtobeinstyle on twitter from the 1st of december on.

2. You have to follow us both (@howtobeinstyle and @Miss_Fluff) on twitter.
3. On the three days where you’ll find a fluff gift in the advent calendar during the contest time between the 1st of december and the date, where the third and last fluff gift will be published, one of our followers who has retweeted the contest tweet by @howtobeinstyle on twitter during this contest period will win the respective fluff gift of the day.

If you have any questions, this could help you:

Each new advent calendar door will be published on 10:00 am german time (The german time you’ll find on the right black navigation bar on my blog in case you don’t know it).

You’ll have to refresh the HowToBeInStyle homepage (blog homepage on which you find the advent calendar) and klick the respective advent calendar door (example Door #3 on the 3rd of december) to open it.

Example: If you klick door #1 from 10:00 am german time on the 1st of december you will be able to open and see what’s inside this door. If you click too early there will be an error information and you’ll have to refresh the HowToBeInStyle homepage  after 10:00 am on the right day  to see the opened advent calendar door.

Everyone will only be able to win one gift one time.

Each of the three winners will be informed by @howtobeinstyle on twitter on the next day. Example: If you’re the winner of door #8 on the 8th of december I’ll inform you on the 9th of december german time via twitter.

The winner will be contacted by @Miss_Fluff (Claudette, Fluff) so that she can send the beautiful gift to you.





Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
HowToBeInStyle is a fashion, style & beauty blog founded & created by ALESSANDRA, model, lover of photography, art, hippie & retro style, design, tigers & all things beautiful. She loves to share her passion! REAL BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE