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My Style: Crocheted Pants and Pink Nails

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Crocheted Pants and Pink Nails. What I really love about the summer are the bright and beautiful colors like pink, orange, yellow and turqoise. It feels like someone’s colored the nature and turned the light on. Wearing these eye-catching colors makes me happy. Now I enjoy the beach with all its beautiful colors. Hope you all have a happy day!

My Style: City Mermaid

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: City Mermaid. Today is a special day, because I visit famous Calle Ocho in Little Havanna, Miami the first time. I’m dressed all in green like a city mermaid. Although I don’t smoke I love the cigar shops and the whole atmosphere with life music and awesome colorful fun walls. I make so many pictures! OMG! Here are some of my impressions of this gorgeous day. Watch the pic with me trying a huge turquoise hat in a funny shop. πŸ™‚ At the end of the day I enjoy a delicious fresh Mojito at Ball and Chain, a cool cuban style bar with great life music. I will definitely visit Calle Ocho again!

My Style: Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed Before Lunchtime

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Truly Fabulous People Never Get Dressed Before Lunchtime. Yes if you want to look gorgeous, it will take some time. πŸ™‚ But of course I’m ready before lunchtime anyway. πŸ™‚ But I love this quote as written on my bangle by JKC. Today I wear another jumpsuit cream colored. I love jumpsuits because you’re dressed gorgeous very quick. So you’ll have enough time to do your hair and choose the perfect jewelry. My accessories are all gold like this stunning coral necklace, my bracelets by Michael Kors and BCBGMAXAZRIA and my sandals by Ella Cruz. Now I enjoy my breakfast. Have a gorgeous day lovelies!

My Style: Zebra and Coffee

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Zebra and Coffee. Today I’m dressed in peach with zebra print. My rose gold accessories like my block heel sandals and my jewelry make my summer look glamorous. I visit a mall whith beautiful palms and italian inspired fountains and enjoy a delicious Starbucks coffee. Have a gorgeous night!

My Style: Crocheted Hippie Glitter Morning

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Crocheted Hippie Glitter Morning. Another morning in paradise with tropical flowers and palms, with delicious fruits for breakfast. I wear one of my favorite denim glitter hotpants, a simple turquoise top and handmade hippie jewelry in the same color. Have a gorgeous day! I definetely will have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

My Style: A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose. Yes, I love roses and I love mexican food. So today’s dinner will be at a mexican restaurant. My style is inspired by mexican women. I wear a black jumpsuit with short pants, beautiful rose print and awesome lace details, my rose hairband, my black skull earrings, my black rosary from Miami, one of my black bangles by JKC, my golden watch by Zadig & Voltaire, my Michael Kors bracelets and my new black flip flips with flower print by O’Neill. Love that look! Definetely one of my favorites! Hope you love it too!

My Style: Ice Cream and Flowers

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Ice Cream and Flowers. Today I’m dressed up glamorous in a light pink dress like ice cream, one of the must-have colors this summer season. I wear my rose quartz jewelry, a flower headband and my rose gold block heel sandals. Because today I visit Palm Beach in Florida, watch gorgeous mansions, beautiful old architecture and luxurious designer shops on Worth Avenue. And at Bahia Mar I enjoy watching the huge luxurious yacht! Stunning! Wishing you a gorgeous and glamorous day!

My Style: Modern Indian Girl

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Modern Indian Girl. I’m really in love with this cute ethno inspired hippie look by Zara, top and short! I combine it with beautiful earrings from Portugal, my italian rose gold glam flats and my new cute shoulder bag by Zara. Now I’m ready for another tropical day in paradise. πŸ™‚ I love everything tropical about summer like this gorgeous idea to decorate melon as seen yesterday evening in the theatre. Wishing you a wonderful day!

My Style: Florida Leopard

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Florida Leopard. For today’s dinner I chose some sexy look with animal print, gold jewelry like my glam necklace by Barney’s New York, my skull pendant by King Baby Studio and huge earrings. My lace-up suede sandals make this look more feminine. I look forward to watch the next sunset here in Florida. They are all different like this one on Sanibel Island but they are all stunning. Have a great enening!

My Style: Life Is Uncertain – Eat Dessert First

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Life Is Uncertain – Eat Dessert First. Today I’m dressed in white all over. I wear one of my beloved flower headbands, gorgeous huge earrings and my beloved platform suede heels in lemon for a fresh look. I really love the messages on my top and especially on my bracelet by JKC! My top says: ‘J’aime les mauvais garcon’ what means ‘I love bad boys’ πŸ™‚ not really but every time I wear it funny conversations start with people who understand or speak french. πŸ™‚ The words on my bangle by JKC are gorgeous! Love that! πŸ™‚ ‘Life is uncertain – Eat dessert first’ πŸ™‚ So true! So enjoy your life and your desserts! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day lovelies!

My Style: Ready For Sanibel

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Ready For Sanibel. Yes, I’m ready for Sanibel Island in Florida today! This beautiful island is so tropical, like pardise! And my look is tropical too dressed in turquoise all over, wearing one of my beloved hummingbird necklaces hand made by an indian woman from Miccosukee. The nature and the birds on Sanibel are wonderful! I eat my first banana directly from a banana tree, visit my favorite cockatoo, called Ceasar, enjoy the best hand made ice cream, find the cutest mailbox ever, visit the old peer and can’t decide which palm is the most beautiful. πŸ™‚

My Style: Turquoise Bikini and Ice Cream

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Turqoise Bikini and Ice Cream. Today is one of the days I think of myself what a lucky girl I am watching at the ocean and all the stunning nature around me. This beach in Florida really is awesome and so peaceful. I love to enjoy the sun, watch the birds, the dolphins, go swimming and enjoy a good read. And I really loveeee ice cream. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day lovelies!

My Style: Millefleur

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Millefleur. This season all kind of flower prints are a must-have, especially on black. Another trend is lace. Combined it’s simply gorgeous. My millefleur lace top is a cute contrast to my casual light pink shorts. To create a festival look I wear one of my cool hippie statement necklaces, my black flower hair band and my black skull earrings. Love that! Hope you love it too! πŸ™‚

My Style: Milk Foam

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Milk Foam. I love my dinner look because it’s pure and glam at the same time. Pure because I wear pieces colored like milk foam all over. Glam because of my lace plisΓ©e top, my rose quartz jewelry, my rose gold glam flats and my new italian designer shoulder bag by Mario Valentino. My hair? Oh my hair is washed and undone. I love it like this being on vacation. πŸ™‚ Hope you too.

My Style: Miccosukee Hummingbird

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Miccosukee Hummingbird. These days I visited the Miccosukee Indian Village in the Everglades in Florida as the year ago. I loved it! Watching alligators and getting some more of these stunning hand made jewelry like this golden one with a hummingbird. They are all hand made by one of the older women who lives in the Indian Village. These necklaces are really unique! I combine it with a denim hotpants with glitter on the pockets, a yellow simple tank top, a hippie necklace with a berg crystal and one of my cool bandanas. I love the nature here in Florida and the sunsets are outstanding!