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My Style: The Rise Of The Phoenix

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: The Rise Of The Phoenix. Yes, today the phoenix just rises on my cool bomber jacket with embroderies by Zara. This one really is my favorite bomber! I combine it with highwaist ripped denim pants in black, my black and purple sneakers by Puma, my golden necklace by Barney’s New York and very pink lipstick by MAC. This outfit is casual, cool and glam at the same time. Have a wonderful day, lovelies!

My Style: Paradise

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Paradise. Today I put my paradise shirt on to remind me of the paradise I’ve been the last weeks and which I miss so much. I’m dreaming of the ocean, the beach, the whole nature of Florida and the cool skyscrapers in Miami. My casual, sportive but tropical look is complete with my light blue highwaist denim pants, my lace boho tunic with fringes by Abercrombie & Fitch, my shades by Ray-Ban, cool white sneakers by Nike and some silver indian boho jewelry. Now I’m at home inspired and full of positive energy.

White Bouclé Tweed – Me Modeling ss16

White Bouclé Tweed – Me Modeling ss16. The last two days I did my model and style consultant job for Escada again presenting spring summer 2016 designer fashion pieces to inspire people and inform them about the recent fashion trends. This is one of the beautiful looks – a white Bouclé Tweed combination. During my break I enjoyed the sun outside and this delicious dessert. Have a gorgeous weekend!

My Style: Boho Flared Sleeves

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Boho Flared Sleeves. Yes, this is one more trend for this and next season: Flared Sleeves. They are retro and so bohemian and reminds of ancient times. This blouse by Zara is transparent and has beautiful lace details. I combine it with one of my highwaist denim pants, silver boho jewelry and off-white leather summer boots. Love that look! Hope you love it too! 🙂 Now I’m ready for today’s model and style consultant job for Escada.

My Style: Lake Time

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Lake Time. I have a day off today. It’s sunny outside in germany and the best thing to do is enjoying the nature outside at the lake. I’m watching the fishes and the birds, have some good fashion reading and of course I’m enjoying the sun. Hope you all have a gorgeous sunday!

Gorgeous Dresses – Me Modeling ss16 and fw16

Gorgous Dresses – Me Modeling ss16. I love these dresses by Escada as presented during my model & style consultant job today and yesterday. I’ll do it this and the next weekends being back home now. Especially the midnight blue fall winter 2016 dress looks so divine – back view! The spring summer off-white dress by Escada Sport is casual but luxurious and unique with its plaits in the front. These are always just quick changing room pics I make for you to inspire. So excuse the bad quality. 🙂

My Style: Freckles and Fringes

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Feckles and Fringes. At the beach I just wear freckles and fringes today. 🙂 I enjoy my last days in Florida before going back home to germany. I really love germany, but there are not enough sunny days in my opinion. I really love to be outside during summer time enjoying the nature. It’s wonderful having dinner outside just watching the flowers growing and listening to the birds singing.

My Style: White Sand

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: White Sand. Here’s another important trend for this season and also fall winter season: lace-up shirts. I love this lace-up lace tunique in white worn over a simple denim shorts. Special accessory highlight for my today’s look are these gorgeous palm earrings and my silver block heel sandals by Zara. A perfect summer look!

My Style: Tangerine Lace

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Tangerine Lace. Today I’m wearing two of this seasons’ trends: Lace and the color Tangerine. It’s a mix of red and orange. This cute lace dress is a part of a Coachella collection by Hennes and Mauritz I bought last year. I really love this style. My hippie berg crystal necklace looks gorgeous and completes my festival look. Have a wonderful day!

My Style: Black Pearl

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Black Pearl. I’m in love with my new black glam summer look! I’m wearing black shorts with lace details and a lace body. Combined with golden accessories like my golden sandals by Ella Cruz and my golden coral necklace by Barney’s New York I’m feeling like being a part of a pirate ship like the Black Pearl. 🙂 Now I’m ready to watch another stunning sunset. 🙂

My Style: Become A Part Of The Ocean

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Become A Part Of The Ocean. The longer I’m staying in Florida enjoying the beach and the ocean the more I become a part of the ocean. I love to swim and to stay in the water for a very long time watching the waves and the fishes swimming by. I would love to stay here forever. I’m in love with my bikinis by Hennes and Mauritz which I have in two colors! Here I can wear them each day. 🙂

My Style: Lace and Flowers

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Lace and Flowers. Today I’m wearing one of the flowerprints which will be even one of the must-haves in the next fall winter season: Flowerprint on black! So enchanting! I really love this top which I bought last year in one of the surf shops here in Florida. My white festival hotpants and my beloved lace tunique with fringes by Abercrombie & Fitch complete my festival look. Accessories are my flip flop by O’NEILL and my white rosary by Wildfox. Now I’m ready for another day in pardise. 🙂

My Style: Peach Ice Cream

My style – OOTD: My today’s dinner look: Peach Ice Cream. This eve I wear a glamorous sundress in peach. This light fabrique follows your moves and feels really fairylike. My flower statement necklace is a good match. I just leave my hair curly as it is naturally. Now I’m ready for dinner. Good night!

My Style: It’s All About Flowers

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: It’s All About Flowers. Yes this summer season it’s all about flowers. Flowerprints are really one of the must-haves. Ready for breakfast I wear a flowerprint dress with cute cut-outs around my waist, one of my favorite hippie vests, my cute shoulder bag in peach and a beautiful necklace from Indonesia. Have a gorgeous day! 🙂

My Style: Tropical Yellow Flower

My style – OOTD: My today’s look: Tropical Yellow Flower. The sunsets in Florida are really breath-taking. Each sunset is unique and beautiful. Today I’m dressed completely in yellow shining golden in the sun. I wear a lace pencil skirt, a simple tank top and my beloved platform suede heels. I love my handmade golden hummingbird necklace made by a woman living in an Indian Village in the Everglades. To make this look even more fashionable I put one of my new bandanas into my bun. This hair accessory famous in the 90s has its big revival this season. It’s also cute worn around your wrist or put on your bag. Just try it. 🙂