Pink Mesh By La Perla

Yes, this quote is absolutely true! Same with me! I’m also nicer, when I like my outfit! Because if you like it, you feel relaxed and great, full of positive energy. And this energy is enough for others too. So you can spread a lot of good vibes. Today I just wear a cute pink mesh top by La Perla and soft summer relax shorts in the same color. That’s enough to feel great!

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

It doesn’t have to be designer fashion to make me feel great. First it’s all about the color. Because colors can cause emotions. Pink is so beautiful! It’s fresh, but not too flashy. It’s soft and romantic, but cool and modern. The next thing is: Your fashion pieces have to fit perfect. It your dress, pants, shirt or blouse is too small or too big, you will feel uncomfy the whole day spending time in thinking about your strange clothes. The Outfit you wear also has to be really you! Yes that’s so important! It really doesn’t make sense, if you feel dressed up like someone else. Fashion has to be fun! Read some good fashion magazine like ELLE and you will get lots of inspirations. It’s enough to take only few ideas from the recent runway looks. Remember: Runway looks are the show pieces! They have to be eye-catching and flashy. You just have to be yourself!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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