Tiger Fashion Trend

Yes, I love tigers! Since forever! My dad used to call me tiger since my childhood. Tigers are beautiful, powerful, strong with lots of self-confidence. Ok, sometimes I need more of this extra tiger power. 🙂 So well …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

I bought this very cool oversized denim jacket with a tiger embrodery on the back by G by GUESS. I felt in love with this it-piece from the first moment on I found it in Miami. It reminds me of staying strong, powerful and self-confident no matter what happens. And it gives me that tiger feeling now that my dad unfortunately passed away one and a half year ago. I miss him …

I wear my extra-power jacket with a cute a-line pleats mini skirt with a beautiful flower print. This kind of flower prints with small flowers and mixed color backgrounds are a beautiful trend this and also next season. You will see it on blouses, tops, skirts and dresses on various designer runways. I found this skirt on Formentera some years ago in my favorite shop Encantes. My purple colored holder-neck top with crocheted details and my amethyst crystal necklace make my look a perfect festival and hippie outfit. So no wonder I wear messy hair today. 🙂 The coolest thing is: G by GUESS loves my today’s look! 🙂

I’m back in germany, but always thinking of all the inspiring things, gorgeous architecture and beautiful nature I’ve seen there like this cute tropical building as seen on Boco Grande (Gasparilla Island).

And now? Now, do what makes your soul shine, guys! And donate for the tigers as I do!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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