Tropical fashion must-haves you need for your vacation

Pack Your Adventure Bag! It’s summer! Time to go on vacation! Unfortunately I already did. But I’m sure, this won’t be the last time this year. And I’m sure this cool pure leather bag by Mahi Leather is just the right bag for a cool adventure. Why? Well…

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

Even hundreds of years ago people used leather bags like this cool weekender for traveling. Leather is one of the oldest and best materials. It’s soft, but sturdy and lasts like forever. To read more about why leather is used for bags and luggages go here.

Now that I have my bag I need some very cool summer fashion it-pieces for my trip. Imagine, this is your bag. If I only could take a few pieces with me I would choose this beautiful yellow lace dress by Zara. Why? Because you get four season trends all together! It’s yellow. It’s a lace dress. It has ruffles. And it has volants. What else do you need to be a pirate fashion princess? Ok, perhaps sometimes you will need shoes, comfy ones like the pink sneakers with pineapples by Dolce et Gabbana oder a wee bit more sexy shoes like this cool wedges. These spiked metallic textured-leather espadrille sandals by Christian Louboutin are comfy, colorful and perfect for summer adventures.

If you’ll do some animal expedition or if you want to explore the beautiful nature, it’s better to put these cute flamingo denim shorts and a cool tropical tank top by Tally Weijl on. Dita’s light purple ‘Believer’ sunglasses have retro round frames with hollow cat-eye tips for a fresh and contemporary feel. Jack Sparrow definitely would fall in love with you immediately. So swim with him in the deep blue ocean! You’re a bit shy? No problem! You don’t have to go naked, because you have Norma Kamali’s iconic ‘Mio’ swimsuit with you. It’s printed with a colorful pixelated parrot motif. Just in case you want to make a call back home, this pirate treasure-like embellished glitter pineapple iphone case by Dolce et Gabbana will make you look gorgeous!

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