It’s all about fresh green

Yes you also have tropical days in germany too! And if they are not tropical enough, make it tropical with lots of green in your looks, in your garden, in your decoration, jewellery and more! Green relates to harmony and balance. It balances your emotions and your heart. This color is the color of growth, renewal and birth. It creates new energy and helps against stress. It’s a positive color and a natural peacemaker. So renew your energy and nurture yourself by wearing this fresh color! You want to see, how I managed it? Well …

20 Pixel Leerraum #2

I decorated my balcony with tropical flowers like hibiscus and dipladenia, put a pineapple candle in one of my indian edulis to make it as tropical as possible. And of course I wear something tropical! I love the tropical leaves trend this summer season as you can see on the photos with me wearing a shorts with this must-have print. I combine a green light top with crocheted details which I found in Formentera near Ibiza with my shorts. My cute green sandals with glitter flowers in fruity colors by Ella Cruz add a little bit glam to my comfy summer look. I wear a chamsa necklace and one of my beloved handmade hummingbird necklaces by Miccosukee Indian Village. Today it will be a total relax day with me chilling and enjoying the sun and some cool fashion reading like ELLE. Wishing you a sunny day, lovelies!

Written by Alessandra@HowToBeInStyle
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